Designer wedding bands with 14k gold Celtic & 14 k Yellow Gold are the latest trend for all brides and grooms these days.

Wedding rings two hearts and body together for a lifetime. This binding of the heart and body is sealed with a wedding ring.

Pre wedding preparations are a must for all families. Clothes, jewellery and other accessories now also include wedding rings and bands for pre wedding rituals. Wedding bands are a very important thing in weddings and also needs preparations to buy the right ring for the bride and groom.

There are many wedding bands available in the market which have amazing designs and metals which are classic. But the latest trend is designer wedding rings which many designer companies are offering to choose from.

Traditionally, bride and the groom used to wear identical rings. But the modern trends have made every ring a designer ring. The year 2010 has designer rings in the market. It has given way to many designers to show their talent and designs. Nowadays, everyone is going in for designer rings.

It is the dream of every individual to have a designer wedding band. Wedding rings are not simply ordinary rings. It mirrors uniqueness and style.

2010 designer wedding bands include 14k gold Celtic wedding bands which are among the hot desired rings of the young brides and grooms. These rings are handcrafted and a work of art.

14k gold Celtic bands are hand made and engraved. They cannot be resized and hence it is advisable to try them on before buying. They are very comfortable rings and are hot listed in the year 2010.

Celtic rings come in very fashionable styles. Some of them are 14k white gold Celtic wedding jewelry, 14k yellow gold Celtic wedding rings, 18k and platinum rings, two tone Celtic rings, tri colour Celtic rings etc.

Celtic rings are all handmade using superior craftsmanship. This is the reason why it is becoming one of the designer rings of 2010. Its unique design makes it stand apart from the remaining metals. When worn, it looks beautiful. Every bride and groom would love to flaunt it to others.

14k celtic Gold wedding ring contains 41.7% alloy and 58.3% gold. As per the American standards, 14k gold should have 51% alloy and 49% gold. Since 14k gold is strong and can be used for a lifetime. It is not easily tarnish. These qualities make 14k celtic gold an ideal metal for wedding rings.

About 90% of wedding jewelry bands in USA are made of 14k yellow gold. Many designers now prefer 14k gold as the perfect metal for designer wedding rings for 2010. Those wanting a yellow colour rings, can easily find a lot of options in 14k gold designer wedding rings. As said, nothing can beat gold.

14k gold bands are very comfortable too. If you are not used to wearing a ring, 14k gold is the best metal to go in for. The fashion of gold rings can never go. Gold will always remain in fashion.

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