Sam Cornwell finds him self in a fantastic little fishing village in Scotland called Dunbar. He cannot contain himself when he finds a seal. Also, look out for the entertaining bit where he falls over the wall.

17 Responses to “217/365 Sam Cornwell sees a real life seal! Dunbar, Scotland.”

  • REDBULLHEADiphone:

    @SealScotland That is lovely for you to say. I was thrilled to see my first seal in Dunbar.

  • SealScotland:

    We think this is brilliant and have added it to a Facebook campaign ‘Save Scotland’s seals from being Killed’ we hope that is ok with you, if not please let us know. We even think it is tv material, you’ve done a great job showing some lovely shots and narrating. Rdgs from Scotland

  • robbiedenholm:

    the seals called sammie and a think u should explore the town a bit more lots more stuff to see there and r u comin bk this year?

  • facecakes117:

    if you go to scotland again

    you should go camp on cramond island
    but gotta becareful for tide times

  • fattybuckle:

    the hill’s called North Berwick Law

  • besalog:

    That is our typical Dunbar weather!!! (no idea how we got the nickname Sunny Dunny!!! lol.). x
    It is a beautiful town though. xxx

  • Modeltrainguy:

    What a view of Scotland! I’ll keep Dunbar in mind and watch for the Seals when I visit.

    I think the seals were meant to Entertain on lookers.

    Great shots of the Rainbow!!

    Scotland is VERY Picturesque.

    As pointed out: The Dark Sky & Bright Surface. Amazing.

    I never thought I would say it: THAT’S the most beautiful Power Station I have ever seen! My Gosh!!

    And thanks for sharing! 😀

  • bf6067:

    I loved the brief shower scene. Are you tall or was the shower just very small? Seals are cool! I think I would be a little excited myself!

  • jimg29:

    stunning sights

  • Breaudy:

    seal flipper pie..٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶..a canadian delicacy !

  • necroturky:

    Awesome visuals Sam.

  • russtex:

    What a really nice day you had there in Scotland! Dunbar was pretty cool. Yes, I can see the rainbow. Beautiful shots you got there!

  • madmoo08:

    I have never been to Dunbar – our flat is in the opposite direction (Bo’ness) but that’s close enough to visit and it certainly looks worthwhile.
    Seems like you’re getting the typical Scottish weather though!

  • OrangeHat101:


    u shoulda dived in and had a swim with the seal. make a nice friend.

  • isukathis:

    Wow, amazing video today. I want to go to Dunbar!!!

  • IamJanH:

    Thanks for sharing beautiful Scotland.
    The only one commenting anymore???

  • tingeli:

    I’m so jealous of you for seeing wild seals…There is a lake in Finland where lives the very endangered ringed seal, but I’ve never been there.

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