3.Who or what influenced King Henry VIII to break away from Rome and form the Church of England?

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  • Sonny B:


    Not allowed by the Catholic Church. He started the Church of England.

  • takingoverme248:

    he wanted to get a divorce but the pope refused to grant him one, so he made himself the head of the church of England.

  • Uhura:

    He was married, wanted son&heir, current wife not producing, needed divorce, rome not happy

    at same time, He got the idea from an advisor that “head of the church” should be the king, because after all it was God that chose him for that job, right? So he decided to become head of the church within his own dominion, and stuff rome, and get divorced, and have a son to succeed him. All but the last one worked out as planned.

    all of which means that the Church of England is NOT a protestant church, it’s a catholic splinter group. God still has his personal named representative on earth, currently it’s our very own Brenda, and will be Charlie III sometime. The monarch is just a mini-pope.

  • hhe:

    The who would be Anne Boleyn… the what was wanting to divorce his catholic bride for 15+ years, Katherine. Of course he was surrounded by Protestants wanting to rid England of the Pope as well…

  • Dave aka Spider Monkey-Summer:

    After Pius X refused to grant a decree of divorce for Henry VIII , then Henry VIII , once named Defender of the Faith broke away from the Catholic Church and formed the Church of England in which the ruling monarch would be considered its head.

  • Angie G:

    from what i read in “the other boleyn girl,” he wanted to divorce his first wife, catherine, but the pope felt that he shouldn’t. so henry VIII just basically said “eff this, i’ll make my own church.”

  • Spreedog:

    Very simply, Henry wanted to divorce his 40+ year old wife Catherine to marry the young, vivacious Anne Boleyn. The pope in Rome was unable to grant an annulment since he was under the power of Charles V of Spain who happened to be Catherine’s nephew. Anne (as some have written) was wisely withholding her sexual favors until she had a lock on becoming queen. The only way Henry could get his divorce was to break with the Roman Church. So the English kingdom’s break with Rome was over a younger woman desired by the king. Aside from lust, Henry also wanted a male heir to avoid another civil war in England after his death.

    Added Note – The book mentioned by another answerer “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory is a novel, but it is not bad historically. Much has been written on this affair.

  • Veto R:

    The simple answer is that Henry VIII wanted to annul the 24-year marriage he had with his first wife Catherine of Aragon, who was the widow of his brother Arthur, and marry Anne Boleyn, who was the sister of one of his mistresses. The annulment, btw, was sought because none of Henry’s and Catherine’s male children reached adulthood and Henry wanted a male heir to become king of England.

    There were some other things going on in the background…

    There was the irritant of the Pope claiming to hold the keys to government. According to the theory of divine right, the Pope, because he was, in theory, God’s representative on earth, had the power to crown and dispose rulers. For Henry VIII to get a divorce from Catherine, he had to get permission from the Pope. If he did not get permission from the Pope, the Pope could excumunicate him. If the Pope excumunicated Henry VIII, his subjects would be freed to seek Henry’s removal from the throne and not bound to obey him. The twin powers of crowning kings and excummunication gave the Pope termendous power.

    However, Papal permission was tied into the politics of Europe. Catherine was the daughter of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile and the aunt of Charles V, who ruled most of Central Europe as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Henry’s desire to annul the marriage with Catherine would have been opposed by her family. Papal permission was complicated by the fact that Pope Clement VII was a prisoner of Charles V when Henry VIII sought the annulment. Because of this situation, Clement was not in a position to grant Henry his annulment, which meant, for Henry, that a foreign king was able to control his destiny through the Pope.

    The other major current going through Henry’s need for an annulment was the succession battle faced by his father, Henry VII. Henry VIII wanted a clear order of succession to the throne, a clear-cut male heir to become king in order to avoid political instability after he died. The one thing standing between him and a male heir was Catherine.

    Henry VIII was able to take a wife after Anne Boleyn, btw, after he had her executed for treason…

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