Two popular Irish jigs. “Blackthorn Stick”, in the key of G, is also known as “Catholic Boys”, “The Coach Road To Sligo”, “The Humours Of Bantry”, “The Robin’s Nest” and “The Scotia Ree”. It has been recorded by The Dubliners, The Bushwhackers Band, The Chieftains and a million other groups and fiddle players, all of whom play it a lot better than I do. “Rakes of Kildare” is also known as “Fagamaoid Súd Mar Atá Sé”, “Jim McBride’s”, “Leave That As It Is”, “The Old Barn Door” and “Thank God We’re Surrounded By Water”. This tune is used for two songs I have uploaded – “The Limerick Rake” and Ewan Macoll’s “I’m Champion at Keepin’ ‘Em Rolling”. They are both on the list of videos that no longer play correctly and will be uploaded again soon. You can watch a playlist of jigs, reels and other tunes here:

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