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  • scotia mccombie:

    …oh, now – thats most definately *not what was meant*!!

    Love my Irish root – my papa (grandfather) & all of his family right back to 1700’s – I simply meant that Rabbie is considered the “first bard” in Scotland – nothing more 🙂

  • Gerry S:

    When you get down off the cross your opinion will always be welcome in Ireland so not everybody hates you lol

  • George Sherratt:

    I think the intro part is the carolan tune Lord inchiquin, but like you I am unsure…

  • Andy Gillett:

    The last tune is called “Nancy” by Tom Clough

  • Philip Green:

    I think the slow intro is actually the opening bars from a Carolan tune called Sí Bheag Sí Mhór, which describes a converstation between two mountains in County Sligo.

  • Séamus G. O'Dwyer:

    ………… Right on, turn up the volume and enjoy good music. Have a nice day.

  • Defiantstyles:

    Eamon De Valera was from Brooklyn! (NYC at the least) I suppose 2 out of the 3 men I mentioned previously were dead before the formation of the U.S. and Beethoven was German… who needs fact checking, anyway…

  • Séamus G. O'Dwyer:

    Great music.

  • Séamus G. O'Dwyer:

    , Your right are you ? Keep thinking like that.

  • Defiantstyles:

    Nope! All great men are from the USA! All of them from Socrates to Jesus to Beethoven and so on

  • hitthatperfectbeat:

    @greeneyefull It’s obvious what you were tryin to say, think some people intentionally misunderstood, but you should have worded it like this to avoid confusion:

    “Man, being from the US, I always knew Billy as a comedian, not a musician. Damn he is good on a banjo.”

  • scotia mccombie:

    Brilliant footage! – Id like to say Scotlands second bard, but would be crucified for that, so – lest to say – all Billy does pretty much cheers my wee heart.

  • megmeg7279:

    WOW a great arrangement such a True son of Scotland!!!

  • Séamus G. O'Dwyer:

    Billy Connolly from USA !!!! ………….What ? Neil Armstrong is from Scotland then ?

  • daftloon:

    What a nice wee O’Carolan medley!

  • stuart ellis:

    @greeneyefull then say it how u mean it in the first place you dumb ****

  • James Cormack:

    Billy from the US HA HA HA are you f**kin kidding LOL I guess if something appears on your telly in the USA it must be american.

    Great footage!

  • bollix13:

    I can identify 2 Carolan’s pieces-Sí Bhéag Sí Mhór, Lord Inchiquinn – think the third piece is a Carolan’s one as well but I’m not 100% sure. Fecking class piece of footage though!!!

  • ROSS891:

    scottish comedian 😀 the best :)

  • scorp995:

    he aint from us

    hes scottish

  • LongRobOfTheMill:

    the first wee bit is an Irish air called ‘Si Beag Si Mhor’ by the harper Turlough O’Carolan.

  • stuart ellis:

    amazin grace 😀 that is it the very beginin sounds like it 😛

  • stuart ellis:

    this sounds like another song and i cant think what it is called, but this is awesome and so is bill

  • shipper05:

    Thank you so much for this

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