BBC Scotland Documentary. Caledonia, The Picts and the birth of Scotland. **A History of Scotland DVD available – Febuary 8th 2010**

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  • darkpassenger09:

    @Thetruthofman : I wanna go back! I live in Australia now =(. Originally born and raised in Scotland. I’m a Cunningham. =)

  • DamnArms12345:

    Neil Oliver, what a legend!

  • TheScottishRocker:

    I love this series about my country. For once the EBC finally done something good about us.

    Bought this on blu-ray. Watch it all the time. Lol. It’s great.

  • rugbyboy198127:

    @jamgilp hey i heard it was less the modern kind of tattoo, rather they painted their bodies blue and there was a tradition of going in to war with at least a bare torso to show ones bravery and confidence – ofcourse they had clothes don’t believe roman lies about the ‘barbaric’ peoples of the north lol -sorry that’s directed at an earlier comment – cheers

  • k0vert:

    @samhobson30 i’m an American Campbell too. :))

  • Thetruthofman:

    Neil Oliver is a fantastic guy! He is just great!!!! Love this documentary extremely much. People if you haven´t been to Scotland I can tell you to go and visit it:) I went there in May 2010 and had an amazing trip:) Thank you jamgilp for uploading this:)

  • Thetruthofman:

    I love Scotland and the scottish accent so much:)!!!!

  • alibyemyown:

    Thanks for posting this will buy the BBC DVD as a result of spotting this on Youtube and being able to watch it. Will even buy the accompanying book. Cheers.

  • WeaslysWizardWeezes:

    why dont we ever learn the history in other contries??

  • 25prateada:

    @goldensassenach I agree with you, it is fantastic.. I have never learn before the Scotland history as now. I am so glad to can watch this series.

  • 25prateada:

    @samhobson30 This video shows exactily how Scotland is. A magical and lovely place. I visited this wonderful country. When I was there I felt the magic in the air.

  • TheBighairyfart:

    Picts look like Ryan Giggs

  • TheBighairyfart:

    @Bjjownsu10 Like ryan Giggs no lie

  • socrateswept:

    @jamgilp Oh, I’m too ignorant to correct… Hwvr, I think what the Romans meant by ‘nude’ was actually ‘unarmoured’.

    Nude, Nudus;

    nudo -are [to make bare , strip, uncover]; MILITARY [to leave undefended];

    I.E. Undefended… they probably did wear clothes, not armour.

  • troy7531:



  • autumnleaf50:

    love the scenery.

  • goldensassenach:

    Thank you for uploading this series,it’s fantastic !

  • TheGd1314:

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  • kingdomofdalriada:

    @gaelscot The Picts were not Celtic

  • Jedimindtrickitis:

    @rhumbles you hit the nail on the head mate. thank god some people can see through the fog…

  • HoundofOdin:

    I have read the entire speech of Calgacus as recorded by Tacitus. it was beautiful. I must say, it was an almost spiritual experience for me.

  • gaelscot:

    The Picts were a confederation of Celtic tribes living in what was later to become eastern and northern Scotland from before the Roman conquest of Britain until the 10th century, when they merged with the Gaels. They lived to the north of the Forth and Clyde rivers, and spoke the extinct Pictish language,

  • 1987iantaylor:

    does anywhere know where it is at 59secs, im in aberdeenshire so could travel there


    Thank you for posting! A native born Scot who is now living in the States!

  • rhumbles:

    @GLORD99092 Kenneth and MacAlpine is pure Gaelic-celtic irish/scottish mu friend as someone who knows that language very well. pictish line is pure myth and part of thye larger celtic-denial syndrome that frightens me to large extent to try and erradicate the fact that large proportion of scottish blood is shared with the gaelic fore-father conquerors from hibernia (ahem, or Ireland) East-West-North and South. Their influence descended as far as south as england before pushed back the romans

  • Dio Cassius described the Picts as staning up to their necks in water for long periods. Where people them as tattooed how would that be appreciated if they wore clothes?
    In terms of Pliny’s original reference to the Caledonia Forest and to the circumnavigation of the Mainland by the Roman Survey Fleet, how would the sailors/marines have seen the forest and how could they have determined not to go beyond it if they were circumnavigating the Mainland? Yet they surveyed east and west of the Mainland
    When Pliny described the knowledge that the Romans had of the Mainland in AD 73 Pliny stated that Roman arms only extended as far as the Caledonia Forest Where were the Roman armed army in AD 73?

    Picts as recorded in the details of the Roman and Dark Age periods were not in Scotland. Think very deeply about it and of where very specifically that Caledonia Forest was supposed to have been in Scotland.

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