BBC Scotland Documentary. The feud between the Stewarts and MacDonalds and the emergence of Scots as the dominant language over Gaelic.

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  • mirandaluvsyou:

    i had this taped on my television but my father deleted it. Thank you for posting this i needed it for a project. The best information resource I’ve yet to find!

  • NeMeImpuneLacessit:

    At 6:30 or so, that is Loch Lomond a magical place where my family spent the summers roaming the islands. The hill that Niall is on is Conic Hill, we climbed it on a beautiful day last summer. Such a fantastic, wonderful place.

  • NeMeImpuneLacessit:

    So sad that the King of Scots couldn’t have befriended the Douglases and the MacDonalds and made Scotland so strong and prosperous that no enemy could ever touch it.

    Saor Alba gu brath!

  • DutchPetriot:

    @SCOAlba What for kind of state is brittain now then? a confederation?

  • SCOAlba:

    @DjPetrov Thank you for that !!! I am Dying for Independence !!! I sure hope we get it also buddy.. but the English wont let us go.. we have the Oil.. That gives England Billions per month.. they get all the credit for it,They leave the scots out.
    Thats only one wee thing England has done to us.. All they care about is Land.Money.Fame

    Alba gu brath agus Saor !!!!

  • DjPetrov:

    @BonnieBlueFlag1314 I love Scottish History im Russian and I think our history is great but i think Scottland is more interesting i hope in 2011 Scottland wins its independece!

  • AntiSkill42:

    @Madcronic01 produced by the BRITISH broadcast coop.


    And the language is still holding on.

  • beelzesludge:

    Tha sin math!

  • AntiGrav510:

    Don’t quote me on this, but I’d say it was the Great Glen, near Ben Nevis and Neptune’s Staircase.

  • Cyder69:

    Thats Conci Hill overlooking Loch Lomond looking wet across the highland faultline, which is quite well depicted by the line of islands stretching west through lower Loch Lomond. If you follow the path down to the shores of Loch Lomond you come to a very nice pub: The Oak Tree Inn. Certainly worth a pint of their Belhaven’s Best

  • expatdk:

    the BBC has such a talent when it comes to historical documentaries… I wish I could find one such doc on France or Denmark. Tanks for sharing!

  • BonnieBlueFlag1314:

    Our history is such an amazing story!

  • vinnyflintoff:

    i was wondering where was he walking at 7.25? whats the exact place called? it looks so beautiful

  • Madcronic01:


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