Luke Kelly singing Matt McGinn’s ( wonderful song Coorie Doon (A Miner’s Lullaby) in 1963. Audio only (with slideshow).

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  • 3tippster:

    As was my great gran-dad… God have mercy on them all, for no one else did. Up-load as many of these songs as you can kellyoneill. There are so many out there because of losses they can hardly think of not to mind speak of. But for these songs our lives would appear to be lucky in hard times. All our families bore the burden of remerance and passed it on to our generation. Luke knew!

  • Tony2581:

    Coal miners here in the US still have to fight for a safe workplace.To hear how coal miners who make safety complaints in 2011 are treated by non-union coal operators, check out Raymond Crooke’s song “Big Coal Don’t Like This Man At All” on YouTube. It tells the true story of eastern KY coal miner Charles Scott Howard, who stood up for safety at a mine operated by Arch Coal and was fired as a result. He filed a whistleblower case and won his job back. He’s back working in the mines now!

  • jimmy kelley:


  • russfromdodge:

    Where are the pics in the slideshow from??I’m from Nova Scotia and it is like looking at our own old pics here.My father worked the pits for 42 years.Very nice job on the slideshow.RIP Luke Kelly.

  • Irishboxer100:

    God bless all the men who went underground and the Great Luke Kelly

  • hamr3773:

    Did I hear a door creeking in the background?

  • DShaw42011:

    R.I.P. Luke. what a great voice

  • RossHardmanHarvey123:

    Now those are some tough old buggers!

  • kenpodub32:

    it doesnt get any better than this,magic!

  • mr96patrick:

    Union YES!

  • tony10396861:

    Wow!! Hadn’t heard of Matt McGinn before, but what a song!! Luke, as ever, is wonderful

  • theweeblossom:

    lov itttttttttttttt

  • Sealice1663:

    beautiful……thats all i got to say

  • looneechic:

    coorie in.. as you said, simply means cuddle in. My da used to say the same to me when a was a lass <3

  • Derek Hannah:

    Amen to that.
    In reference to someone’s earlier comment “coorie doon” or “coorie in” is something a Lallan Scots-speaking mother would say to soothe kids to sleep – a literal translation might be “cower down” but the meaning is much more loving and more like “cuddle in” or “sleep well, love.” My own mother used it with me at bedtime til she stopped tucking me in!

  • verbaud:

    In Memory of the 29 miners who died this week in New Zealand. I come from a family of coal miners. Every life is mourned, whether you knew them or not. It’s a sad hard life. Rest in Peace.

  • Lisnageeragh:

    Thank you …an interesting piece of history ..

  • welshperson123:

    my father was a miner for 30 years 🙂

  • calpetron:

    This is precious to me and mine. xxx

  • calpetron:

    This is precious to me and mine. xx

  • heehawluck1:

    @TheWindUpWizard I know I’ma mile late but….well said man. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Well, maybe I could have…. but I’ll hud my wheesht.

  • brianlangtry:

    lovely song done justice by a great singer.

  • Lisnageeragh:

    Did he work in Bute?

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