You cannot begin to imagine how freaky it feels to have these memories… so distinct… so real… so personal…

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  • Kynos1:

    @xARMINIUSx :Comparing the two is interesting. With regard to skill and genius, neither of them was wanting.


    im not talking about his writerskills Shelley was more deeply read then Byron. No as a person i mean, Byron was more masculine then Shelley , Shelley had a high shrieking voice, had a womanishlook, and was a pacifist, and so on. When Shelley write about Byron its full of resentiment, while to byron he is ful of praise. But nevertheless he is a good writer. The english Hölderlin i call him

  • brookbart:

    perhaps he wanted to be like byron and couldn’t — but he certainly wrote as well or better

  • acerocketman:

    Shelley deplored his reputation… but loved the poet. Shelley was his own man… like all great poets, they are drawn to others of like-mind. If there is a Poet Shelley wanted to be like in some way.. then it was certainly Keats not Byron.


    i think shelley wanted to be like byron, he couldnt. U can see it clearly in the byron biography’s. For example: Byron in italy. Shelley was to weak, to live up at him…..

  • AnaiBendai:

    Thanks… it’s an original piece that hit while reading some Shelleyan journals.

  • omegaxx19:

    Great music.

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