Abandoned asylum in Scotland. The BBC’s TV drama, “Takin’ over the asylum” was filmed here. Information from wikipedia: The hospital was opened in 1896 and c…

25 Responses to “Abandoned Mental Asylum (1800’s) – “Gartloch Hospital” – Glasgow, Scotland”

  • gavin h:

    hey i was wanting to go the hospital for some exploring where exactly is it because i cant find its exact location online 🙂

  • Annie Reid:

    loved goin up there when i was a teen creepin about the grounds we found an old mansion at the top of the hill and a white hospital hidden behind trees , it mostly demolished now and whats left is now flats

  • SinisterSurgeon:

    is this at Maryhill? :)

  • ameliaharvey123:

    is there ment to be a man stood at the end off the big hall at 1.07??? didnt no if anyone eles saw it

  • topgrafter2007:

    Excellent clips, really well done. Keep them coming ;-))

  • TeEnZiE:

    That sucks, i hate hackers. Hope you get it fixed. Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Paul Cook:

    Tina its me paul my pc got hacked so ive lost everything on my hard drive it took me hours to reboot.if you don`t make another video soon,happy xmas.

  • Clive Sinclair:

    Drove past today – they are building luxury apartments. My wife said she was spooked out just looking at the place from the road.

  • Si1983h:

    I can imagine so, they were beautiful buildings but have a very sad history.

    I had a close relative in an asylum close to my home, the first time I visited him I remember being awestruck at the buildings upon approach. Nothing could have prepared me for the atmosphere inside tough, it wasnt tense or frightening, just very sad and strange in a way that I could never explain. My relative is alive and well now some 16 years later.

  • gail1organ:

    i worked at garloch as a student nurse back in 1992 for a time.it was a place with a very strange and sad atmosphere

  • james formo:

    Awesome building ! It would cost millions upon millions of dollars or euros to build something like this today .I am about 38 minutes from the famous Greystone complex in New jersey .Last I heard the place is under cctv to deter tresspasing .Thanks for another cool video .

  • adeytup1:

    Another beauty Teenzie and i’m gonna have to have a look for some clips of takin over the asylum….

  • Gubar Singh:

    Cool Video!Would love to go out on an adventure with you!If your looking 4 any volunteers let me know eh?

  • LannyLezbo:

    oooohhh 🙂 i like that idea 🙂

  • TeEnZiE:

    Thank you glad you enjoyed 🙂 we might go back to do some ghost hunting so can always do a meet up

  • Si1983h:

    Exellent video, such a shame it’s in this state. It looked mint in takin over the asylum, I suppose it was 18 years ago though.

  • Arnold barclay:

    very cool looking place and amazing old detail, that floor section that was not there looked very scary, i cant believe how far down that went !

  • RickFortune:

    What an incredible looking place. Pity I’m half a world away. One day, maybe.

  • LannyLezbo:

    wow. i don’t just want to go i need to go :'( i looked this place up before and i think they said that it was haunted? but this is the best video i have seen of this hospital. This is amazing! please never stop your videos! <3

  • bigbrother08:

    Yeah the second one is so good too, I love it! 🙂

  • rodenthideout:

    Wish I could…here there is nothing to explore..most places are gone sigh.

  • carlson197:

    Another great video from you. It’s a interesting place, i was there about 2 week’s ago. 

  • TeEnZiE:

    Yeah it does look like the titanic now you mension it! I have telescopic ladders usually in my car, but we found these ones inside, that’s why I crawled over, they didn’t feel that safe lol glad my dog didn’t go 🙂

  • TeEnZiE:

    Yeah sure, I’ll save all the audios for you, just PM me your email 🙂

  • TeEnZiE:

    You should come visit for some exploring! 😀

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