Comments and suggestions please 🙂 … Aghade holed stone is located on the N81 on the left hand side of the road when coming from Tullow. It is at the edge of a field boundary and with the ditch between the road and the field removed it is clearly visible from the road. Not much to say with this one. It has been suggested that it may be the gate stone to a megalithic tomb, there is also a 5th Century story attached to it’s creation and it was used up until the 18th Century to heal sick infants by passing them through the hole. The main sources for this site were Peter Harbison’s Guide to the National and Historical Monuments of Ireland (1992) and Rob Vance’s Secret Sights Unknown Celtic Ireland (2003) which is based on the RTE series with the same name.

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  • neolithicfarmer:

    yeah i was thinking it was prehistoric as well but I’m a bit skeptical about the megalithic tomb entrance explanation i mean image how wide the entrance was for this to fill it… I never heard the astrological use at all. Thats sounds amazing and deadly and probably the most likely explanation. With the amount archaeologists discuss alignments in standing stones and tombs etc. I don’t know how this kind of a thing hasn’t been discussed more. Somebody should do a thesis on these!

  • MissAyela:

    wow really interesting, i would say its origins are much older than 5th C. It has the look of something Neo or EBA. I’ve heard as well that holed stones could have has astrological uses too connected with BA sites, that if you looked through it at certain times of the year (probably in line with a festival) a star would be positioned in the centre of the hole.

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