Alex Jones and the rest of the infowars crew break down their experience at stonehenge. [TWITTER…

24 Responses to “Alex Jones Experiences Magnetic Stonehenge”

  • kruGrockz:

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?

  • fizz113:

    I went to Stonehenge the other day, and I experienced the force that pulled me down towards the ground at a particular point, a particular kind of energy.

    Turns out, I fell in a ditch.

  • ura sol:

    he describes the counter rotating vortex / toroid fields around the ‘henge’ construction.
    they do indeed exist. not everyone is ‘keyed’ in to those energies and fields. (numb).

  • heather dawn pipke:

    hi i have a new friend….check him out….we can whistle while we work hey Mr.Alex Jones….raypotterqa..utube.military..person needs to speak..real world..:-D

  • Sam3532:

    also, if you really dont like him and think hes a nut job. id stop giving him views and negative attention. any attention is good attention when you have a message, hence why he plays of it; even at the end of this video, pulling crazy faces n ****. lol

  • Sam3532:

    did oyu even watch the whole video? the tour guide sits at the line waiting for the customers to cross the line to see those who sense it and those who dont feel a thing…

  • Sam3532:

    so living near-by makes you an expert on your biology and forces outside of the visible spectrum.

  • Pip Buoy:

    Total nut job, I’m surprised people still invite him onto politics shows and such.

  • b34113411:

    I think the pineal gland is more related to the stoney thingy
    cus u guys doesn’t drink fluoride

  • Fawn Johnston:

    Date of birth! Lol dob!

  • Fawn Johnston:

    The destiny number 7 are called to experience the ancient mysteries! If u add you name number or fob if its a 7 then u realize why! I’m a 7

  • Fawn Johnston:

    Right on!!! I so wish to experience that! many of us with

  • Martine Read:

    maybe your numb to the stones, and numb to metaphysics aswell

  • Shaine Witcombe:

    I grew up near the stones and you’re speaking s**t. There is no “feeling” when your cross the line… They are stones. This kind of video shows you’re a nut job.

  • Karl Power:

    It was built atop one of the lay lines of the Earth’s internal energy. A magnetic field is generated deep within the Earth’s outer core that travels up through the mantel and through the crust before it is distributed over 12 geographical areas. That’s why all compasses point magnetic North. Stonehenge was built atop one of these lay lines. So he’s probably being realistic.

  • moonfestmadness:

    and you should of gone on solstice now that is truly touch the stones be with a mass of bioenergy all pounding to the same drum..and when the sun rises feels like a rebirth 🙂

  • moonfestmadness:

    i am 23 miles away from the stones…and this just makes me smile even more …welcome to wiltshire and to the stones 🙂

  • skirret1:

    glad alex and crew felt it. I haven’t felt the barrier at stonehenge, just really drawn and happy, but Avebury both my boyfriend and I were thrown back by the ring of energy like we had walked into a wall. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant energy. We walked slowly through it then, our whole bodies buzzing with it. We had to lie down on the earth.

  • lonerangersheriff:

    When I went I did not feel magnetic energy, but a weird black bird stood on the tallest stone and stared at me all creepy for a long time. I connected with the black bird. It was a strange thing. He was not friend but he was not foe. He expressed trouble on the horizon.

  • fanof2012:

    This is why: watch?v=IV7PNpeYbgw

  • dye tat:

    you need to open your eyes

  • dye tat:

    stonehenge is full of lay lines i exspect eh walked into one woooooosh good acid

  • Drygal1337:

    Yeah, try to be realistic instead of this magnetic bullshit, that’d be great.

  • Geistesmensch:

    The druids did not sacrifice at Stonehenge.

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