Henry P. McNally, MA loves his heritage so much, he drives 78 miles each way to teach Irish history at a local community college as a volunteer without pay. Although he taught biology during his career as a teacher, he has spent a lifetime traveling to Ireland as a student and a guide. His life has become a repository of the books he has read and knowledge he accumulated. No man knows more about Ireland. The first inhabitants of Ireland crossed an ice bridge from mainland Europe 10000 years ago (8000 BC). One thousand years before the Egyptian pyramids were built (3500 BC), the Irish built vast tomb structures which are just being fully explored today (Newgrange, Louth & Douth are examples). Well after sacking Greece & Rome in 1200 BC, the Celts were defeated by Julius Ceasar and moved to the edges of Europe, including Ireland. Stay tuned for future episodes of Ancient Ireland. In the spring, Hank McNally will be teaching modern Irish history. Part 6 can be found here: www.youtube.com

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  • sb81282:

    A good source of information about the migration patterns of Indo European tribes read Stephen Oppenhiemer’s, Out Of Eden – The Peopling of the World. Oppenhiemer is a geneticist who has traced the genetic markers in human DNA to chart the migrations… Interesting read.

  • sensibleken:

    dolmens are portal tombs not passage tombs

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