A video dedicated to Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort to King Henry VIII of England from 1533-1536, containing scenes from “Anne of the Thousand Days”(1969). It sh…

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  • Spencer Maverick:

    I’m impressed! I love that it was very professionally well done in the
    highest order with the help of its wise choice of the music, appropriate
    scenes, and smart editing. It also rightfully highlights the highs and lows
    of the relationship between King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn. I really like
    Richard Burton’s performance and I’d like to see more of it when I could
    watch the whole actual film.

    FYI, WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE VIDEO?!?!?! It’s very beautiful,
    majestic, and masterful and is the highlight of the video. It sounds kind
    of like the music score from the Last of the Mohicans, but I’m not sure. If
    someone knows what’s the song, I’d be happy to know and I’ll appreciate my
    thanks to you.

  • sspirits8:


  • LadyViolet7:

    It’s called Anne of the Thousand Days.

  • Sarah dior:

    What’s this movie called???

  • lily mae:

    I love this movie!

  • VA81:

    Yes, and what she said was so true. It is a beautiful film. Have you seen
    ‘Lady Jane’ with Helena Bonham Carter (about Jane Grey who ruled for 9 days
    after the death of Henry VIII’s son)? I recently bought it and loved it. I
    definitely recommend it. It’s a wonderful and sad love story, about 2 young
    people who stood for what they believed in. 🙂

  • ProudKansan08:

    @funnyygirl9, I disagree with Natalie Dormer.Maybe if they put some dark
    contacts on her, I probably would of warmed up to her.Anne Boleyn had those
    flashing black eyes, and Natalie Dormer had BLUE! For some reason, that was
    a thorn in my side.And I didn’t like the way she moved her mouth.I’ve seen
    Natalie Dormer in other things that I liked her in, but I prefer Genevieve
    Bujold, if I had to pick between the two of them.

  • Dawn Corea:

    the actress that plays Anne is so pretty.

  • avalon2468:

    this verson of anne made me love the woman, her strength and courage is
    always a inspration to me and makes me proud to be a woman!

  • phantomslittlelottie:

    So beautiful! You put together the beginning of their relationship so well.
    The story of Anne and Henry is so captivating and she was such a brave
    spririt that it is not hard to believe that she kept Henry VIII at bay for
    six years. Thank you for the great video and I look forward to more videos
    just like this one!

  • Princess101855:

    @QueenAnneFan I also agree with you. Even though I haven’t seen the entire
    movie, it looks well made. Some people would disagree with you about the
    film. Some people think that the movie was crap and flopped. But, I like

  • adesigirl:

    Wonderful tribute !!! I love Anne Boleyn’s personality. For a woman of that
    Era…she sure was Strong !!! Queen Anne <3 and her daughter Elizabeth I <3

  • LadyViolet7:

    Thank you very much, Aragornsfavorite! I’m still working on it. I will try
    to complete it as soon as possible.^^

  • LadyViolet7:

    @phantomslittlelottie Thank you very much! I absolutely agree with
    everything you said about Anne! She was such an extraordinary brave and
    intelligent woman. She never stops fascinating me.

  • Darienlover999:

    Genevieve Bujold was fantastic, but I prefer Natalie Dormer.

  • Aragornsfavorite:

    OMG! Absolutely beautiful. You’ve taken a great movie and a great song and
    merged them into an even greater product! When’s the finale? lol

  • stokrotka1011:

    i love that video! really beautiful!

  • Lukasz21222:

    richard burton is the best henry VIII…great video!

  • LadyViolet7:

    Thank you very much! It’s an awesome line, isn’t it? I think it’s very
    likely the real Anne would have said something like that, outspoken and
    quick-witted as she was. 🙂 You are absolutely right about Geneviève and
    the movie! For me, she always will be the best Anne on screen and the film
    will always be one of my favourites! Imo, Richard Burton also gave a
    top-notch performance! And I absolutely love Georges Delerue’s magnificent

  • Kaitlin Lara:

    Awesome Video!!! Anne of the Thousand Days is one of the best movies in the
    history of cinema! The way Anne is portrayed magnificent. Her beauty and
    boldness are almost unearthly. Genevieve does an amazing job as Anne. She’s
    a very powerful actress.

  • LadyViolet7:

    @kisha1682 Thank you! 🙂

  • arwa khowaja:

    Anahskywalker you are most wrong! Kathrine was an old ugly women who gave
    birth to Mary and do you know she was 40 years older then Henery? Anne was
    a smart women and a quite brave one too. If you think Anne was an idiot
    then I think you got history wrong! Thumbs up if anyone agrees

  • QueenAnne Boleyn:

    @ProudKansan08 Dormer may not look like Anne but she gave to her life.Also
    JRM looks nothing like Henry but his acting was very good .She was the
    cause that I became interested to Anne.Bujold has also to be my favorite
    Anne,she is really good.The ‘worst’ Anne has to be Portman not because of
    her acting but due to the fact that The Other Boleyn Girl is not a must
    Boleyn movie to watch for Boleyn fans…

  • funnyygirl9:

    I agree. Natalie Dormer is the best actress, but I like Genevieve Bujold
    too. She is just genius!

  • LadyViolet7:

    I agree with you! The end of this couple’s story is so tragically sad. :'(
    Thanks! When I decided to start with the “you shall dance to my tune,
    mistress!” scene, the dancing sequence with Anne and Percy seemed to be the
    ideal choice for the dynamic music and at the same time it echoed the quote

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