Trial and execution of Anne Boleyn for failing to have a son – yet Elizabeth I would outshine them all – not neccessarily justly.

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  • Herman Beuttel:

    Cromwell is always portrayed as an unattractive character and a physically
    unattractive ma. See Leo McKern in Man for All Seasons and other

  • stuart kay:

    I love Natalie dormer as Anne in the tudors but Dorothy tutin gives an
    equally engaging performance but with a slightly different angle Natalie is
    more sexed up while Dorothy is vivacious and volatile

  • mattycat33:

    Dorothy Tutin was a fabulous Anne Boleyn, perhaps the best of all, in my
    opinion. 🙂

  • Emily Martinez:

    @Emily Martinez In reality, Anne didn’t look like Natalie Dormer AT ALL.
    And Anne did have an attitude

  • Dehzee:

    Has history ever known a royal who is not evil to the bone?

  • Emily Martinez:

    In realit

  • LyricalXilence:

    Watching this whole thing, Dorothy is a good actor. Her tantrums are done

  • phtevlin:

    Anne Boleyn wasn’t a particularly pleasant person, but Henry 8 placed her
    in a terrible situation–become wife or mistress. As much as I personally
    dislike her, she was innocent of all charges laid against, and her
    execution was nothing more than murder. And she did give birth to the
    greatest English speaking ruler in all history.

  • Tenzin Sherab:

    Will you look at the lecherous slug stuffing himself with pot roast! The
    Anglican Church was formed by the sour semen of Henry VIII.

  • styleUC:

    Natalie Dormer just had this “allure”.She isnt beautiful in the classical
    sense but apparently neither was anne boleyn.She really brought her
    sexy,vivacious attitude to life.It seems to be the closest portrayal of
    annes actual personality.

  • lisapne10:

    It’s horrid in there time it not nice it’s rude

  • james marshall:

    kings invented taxes

  • Tenzin Sherab:

    Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, was nothing but a common murderer. And
    Cromwell was as common as his origins. He deserved the block after having
    sent so many innocents to it.

  • brainsurjonify:

    I remember looking forward,to watching,we where learning about the tudors,
    the days could not come quick enough to find out,more. I enjoyed that
    period in history,and still do to this day.

  • stevenscollege:

    Did they really have to make Cromwell such a swivel eyed cretin? Hes like a
    pantomime villain.

  • styleUC:

    I dont think she had that special “attitude” which Anne’s contemporarys
    described her as having.In my opinion it would be Natalie Dormer,i think
    she really captured anne.

  • LokiLasher:

    misunderstood King

  • PlntPeace:

    She gave England one of the greatest leaders ever in Elizabeth I

  • Ryoko Malfoy:

    She really did capture Anne she had looked up everything about her!


    He changed the rules of the church so he could do what he wanted with his was all about his Dick.he didn’t give a **** about the people
    of England and he didn’t give a **** about his wives or daughters.he named
    himself head of the church so he could get rid of his wives without the
    pope frowning upon him

  • John M:

    The best thing that ever happened to Christiandom (I mean, the world) was
    Catherine of Aragon. She forced Henry’s hand, and the result is that
    Catholicism is not the prevailing form of Christian mythology in the
    Western World. Luther had done his work, but it was small potatoes until
    Henry insisted on a son, thus really breaking the RC hegemony on what a
    Christian could believe and do. He was a pig, but in this case, the ends
    justify his piggery.

  • Jan Huygen:

    I never follow why the protestant council under a Protestant King didn’t
    have Thomas Howard executed sometime within the 6 year reign – a terrible
    oversight. For although I admire Thomas’ father and grandfather for their
    loyalty to the rightful king (Richard Plantagenet); Thomas was a worm. He
    seems to have shown no sadness at the loss of his son to the axe?! He had
    no dignity – although fictional – the final scene does show his cowardly
    character. I assume he had other sons??

  • james marshall:

    All units =Domestic Disturbance at the Castle

  • B. B ~:

    “If it offends you, shut your eyes as your betters have done” Ouch. Guess
    that shows what he really thought of her.

  • Viva7Boo:

    Very True, Natalie Dormer was the best in capturing Anne Boleyn Character..

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