Anuna are joined by violinist Linda Lampenius for two classic English folk songs. Both pieces are arranged by Michael McGlynn who sings the solo on “Greensleeves”. This footage is taken from the PBS TV Special “Celtic Origins”.

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  • akyu:


    At 2:22 look at the dude on the left…., not the guitarist though.

    I can’t stop laughing at him.

  • allriffnoraff:

    I always thought Greensleeves was a purely instrumental piece of music, how nice to have lyrics to sing along to.

  • TheQueenEolande:

    Beautiful songs*

  • TheQueenEolande:

    Beautiful song. Beutiful outfits. Beutiful voice!

  • MechaBecca42:

    So beautiful. I love it! :3

  • PajoLee:

    Its been a long time since I listened to a version of Greensleeves other than Jethro Tulls “Greensleeved” (amazing bit of music), but gota say, really enjoyed this 🙂 Great job on Scarborough Fair aswell, I may have to listen to more of your stuff.

  • rjrog77:

    This is, I think, the first version of Scarborough Fair I’ve seen in a while that doesn’t use the counter-melody that Simon & Garfunkel popularised in their version. And much as I like the Simon & Garfunkel version, I like this very much as well.

  • jakobari:

    This is far the best version of Greensleeves that I have heard. Absoulutely great and beautiful voice! If I would make a movie and had umlimited budget this would be one of the soundtracks 🙂

  • hparas1:

    best version of scarborough fair. simple, pure, beautiful

  • Luti77:

    just bought a ticket to see Anuna in Alkmaar’s Great Church early next year. I remember celebrating my birthday on the 14th of December a couple of years ago with an Anuna concert, one of the singers on stage had her birthday too. The beauty of ‘Jerusalem’ almost made me faint. One of the best birthdays ever! Can’t wait to see you in 2012!

  • LPM3950:

    Magnificent harmonies! The harp and violin sound ethereal in SF.

  • kelceejofarra:


    I think what they mean is that, instead of everyone replying with such a literal comment, why not accept that others have a different opinion and ignore it if it bothers you. Also, I don’t know what being a Celtic Woman fan has to do with anything…

  • MichaelSirois:

    Beautiful. Both pieces compliment each other extremely well. The vocals are perfect but the violin is what effects me the most.

  • brezairola:

    @roquefort88888 I’m not sure what your comment refers to…? I don’t see any polarised opinion at all. I don’t see any negative comments from people that enjoy traditional music on this video, and my experience with traditional musicians has always been one of mutual admiration. Anuna isn’t traditional music. Its choral music. Legitimate disagreement? Don’t know what this means at all. You may be referring to comments posted by a small minority of Celtic Woman fans. Maybe you could elucidate…?

  • Saitoko7:

    This is absolutely gorgeous….I haven’t heard Anuna in such a long time. I used to have the first CD years ago, but had to sell it, so it’s so nice to be able to hear some of those beautiful songs here! I will have to buy it again, along with every other one I can find! A tall order in Japan, but there’s always Amazon, I hope! 🙂

  • TheLolipopy:

    Omg.. This is a miracle song! So good so clean so fresh so peaceful

  • daisygirl513:

    You have an absolutely amazing voice! A very talented group of people!!

  • supportxourxtroopz:

    Jesus, i’m into serious hardcore punk, but this is the greatest music I’ve ever heard. Its so beautiful and well performed. seriously.

  • ac2008br:

    Correção: eles são lindos!

  • ac2008br:

    Incrivelmente fabuloso!!!!!!! O som é perfeito e ele é lindo!

  • hardyfh1:

    This is excellent. A new name to me, but I have good ears. This is good.

  • TheUnseenAudience:

    this is beautiful!! I love it!

  • Srokathes:

    i love anuna and that what they are standing for! they are the best chorus i’ve ever heard … i’m looking forward to see them live and i’ll buy their albums too

  • Sedraen:

    @brezairola I know, I’ve seen quite a few very humorous comments regarding the language in Fionnghuala. Excellent performance, regardless, but still, they got a chuckle out of me.

  • brezairola:

    @Sedraen Probably because most of what is written on YouTube is utter rubbish. Unfortunately we in Anuna really, really, really care about whatever it is that we stand for. Read some of the ones on Fionnghuala and Dulaman. They are particularly bad, or good, depending on your point of view.

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