particularly in the scottish highlands. if so, how?

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  • Renier Nel:

    Only on their woman hijacked to the North …

  • brother_in_magic:

    Not so much in the Highlands, more on the islands such as Orkney,Shetland and Skye and in other coastal areas.Orkney and Shetland have the most Norse genes (Shetland belonged to Norway for a long while) both paternally and maternally. There may also have been some very ancient, neolithic or bronze age, migration from Scandinavia to the furthest northern areas of Scotland.
    There also is a little viking admixture in Ireland, generally around Dublin and other towns where the vikings settled, but it is not very much. The vikings were pushed out of Ireland eventually.
    In Iceland the vikings who settled there took a lot of British and Irish women with them, hence the modern Icelanders tend to be Norse paternally and ‘celtic’ maternally.

  • Dude:

    The Norman invasion has been called “Vikings attacking Vikings”

    The vikings attacked all over Europe s often that their blood (genes) is everywhere

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