I know that Henry the viii had illegitimate children. How many of these illegitimate children survived and were able to have children of their own. Does any one know if there are living decedents of Henry the VIII alive today?

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  • Clo:

    Elizabeth II is descended from Henry’s sister,Margaret.
    But no one knows of any living descendants directly from Henry VIII.

  • Alfie:

    As Clo said the current British royals are related to him, he is the current Queen’s 12th great uncle, however none of his children legitimate or otherwise lived long enough to have children of their own.

    He had three children in marriage: Mary (became Queen Mary, was never able to have children) Edward (became Edward VI, died a teenager) and Elizabeth I, who of course refused to marry and thus died with-out an heir.

    As for children born to mistresses: there is Henry Fitzroy born to the mistress Bessie Blount, Fitzroy did manage to make it to adult age and marry, but died with-out any children.

    Henry’s other mistress we know of is Anne Boleyn’s younger sister Mary Boleyn. Mary had two children named Henry and Catherine, there has been much speculation that at least one of her children were fathered by Henry VIII, but there are two reasons why many doubt this:

    1) Henry acknowledged Bessie’s son as his ******* son but neither of Mary’s children which leads one to assume they weren’t his.

    2) Mary was married at the time of her being Henry’s mistress, whereas Bessie wasn’t, this means it’s entirely possible that Mary’s children were her husbands.

    On a side note, if historians are wrong and Mary’s daughter Catherine was Henry’s ******* daughter then the Princes William and Harry would be direct descendants of Henry VIII because Prince Diana was a direct descendant of Catherine.

  • Piltdown Man:

    Do you mean “descendants”? I would imagine there would be plenty, as old Henry was never shy about spreading the royal wild oats around!


    Henry VIII only acknowledged one illegitimate son (who died childless), whether he had others is doubtful. Since none of Henry’s children had children of their own it is highly unlikely there was one who was able to have children. It is suspected that all Henry’s children were congenital syphilitics and therefore most probably infertile.

  • Paco:

    Most historians believe that Henry 8th had only one illegitimate child, henry Fitzroy who died childless. So Henry the 8th never had a grandchild and hence has no descendants today.
    Counting illegitimate children there are probably over a 100,000 descendants of Henry 7th. Geneologists usually make an effort to keep track of legitimate descendants of Sophia (who is 6 generations from Henry the 7th. Theoretically all of the living legitimate descendants of Sophia of Hanover that are not Catholic are in a line of succession to the British throne.
    Here is one bloodline (of several) that leads from Elizabeth II back to Henry the 7th.
    {GN}Name (Regal #)-Title|Notes (Death)
    {0} Elizabeth II-Queen of U.K. |1st child (alive)
    {1} George VI -King of U.K. |2nd son (1952)
    {2} George V -King of U.K. |2nd son (1936)
    {3} Edward VII -King of U.K.|1st son/ 2nd child (1910)
    {4} Victoria -Queen of U.K.|only child (1901)
    {5} Edward-Duke of Kent|4th son / 5th child (1820)
    {6} George III -King of U.K.|1st son (1820)
    {7} Frederick-Prince of Wales |1st son (1751)
    {8} George II -King of Great Britain |1st son (1760)
    {9} George I -King of Great Britain|1st son (1727)
    {10} Sophia -Electress of Hanover|12/13 children (1714)
    {11} Elizabeth Stuart-Queen of Bohemia|2nd child (1662)
    {12} James I / James VI-King of Great Britain |only child (1625)
    {13} Mary Stuart-Queen of Scots|only child lived to adult (1587)
    {14} James V-King of Scots|only child lived to adult (1542)
    {15} Margaret Tudor-Queen Consort of Scotland|m. James IV, King of Scots (1541)
    {16}Henry VII-King of England|founder of Tudor line (1509)

  • Louise C:

    In Britian’s Royal Families, Alison Weir lists Henry VIII’s illegitimate offspring as follows:

    1. By Bessie Blount; Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset (1519-1536; he married Mary, daughter of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. He was the only ******* acknowledged by Henry VIII.

    2. By Joan Dobson or Dingley; Etheldreda or Audrey (.d 1555) she married John Harington, and had issue.

    3. By Mary Berkeley (?) Sir John Perrot (1527-1592)

    4. By an unknown mother, Thomas Stucley or Stukeley (1525-1578) he married Anne Curtis. It is highly unlikely that Henry VIII was the father of Thomas or Sir John Perrot.

    The children of Mary Boleyn are not mentioned by Alison Weir at all, and I think it unlikely that Henry was their father.

    It looks as though the only real possiblity is Audrey who married John Harington and had ‘issue’.

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