I’ve heard about those haunted castles in England and Ireland, but do they let tourists spend the night there? I’ve looked it up and there are articles from journalists who have, and there’s one where people are allowed to be “ghost hunters” for a night, but is there some tour where you can just sign up and then go?

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  • Stephanie:

    This isn’t in England or Ireland, but I know that in Ohio, you can stay the night at the Mansfield State Reformatory.

    Go to their website, click on events, then ghost hunts, and it should give you a list of dates and such.

  • Super Junior:

    you want to see ghosts? ok then at night time at 12 am go and run into the deep forest or in a house no one lives in lol if u really wanna know what is like of being a ghost go to fremantle prison.

  • Angel Lee:

    Yes, there are plenty of them. Check on the internet.

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