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Every year, the Winter Solstice at Newgrange, Ireland, attracts crowds to witness the solstice sun illuminate the ancient tomb’s passage and chamber. At dawn, from December 19th to 23rd, a narrow beam of light penetrates the roof-box and reaches the floor of the chamber, gradually extending to the rear of the chamber. As the sun rises higher, the beam widens within the chamber so that the whole room becomes dramatically illuminated. This event lasts for 17 minutes, beginning around 9am.

Mindie Burgoyne shares recommendations on the best guidebooks for use when traveling to Ireland. Created on May 30, 2010 using FlipShare.

Waterford in the south east of Ireland

Recorded on the Isle of Lewis. Psalm 79, verses 3 and 4. A unique sound in the world of music!

All about roses & love

One of the turning points in Irish history, known as The Flight of the Earls, took place at Rathmullan, on the shores of the Swilly on 14th September 1604. After defeat at the Battle of Kinsale, the last of the great Irish Warlords, Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, along with other surviving Noblemen embarked form this spot and sailed into exile. This left Ireland open to domination and plantation by the English… Phil Coulter; ‘I’ve attempted to capture the mood of sadness that such a glorious chapter in our history had to end with this exile, and the momentum of the sea voyage, each breeze taking O’Neill further from his beloved Ireland. The scene is set by the unmistakable voice of my great pal Liam Neeson. What a star!’ Put to pictures of Irish countryside, Dublin city centre, Dublin’s statues and Lough Swilly…

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I’m trying to find some hard-to-make recipes from either scottland or Ireland or even both. Do you have any suggestions?

can anyone remind me of the story (scottish/celtic folklore)
hmm strange use of vulgar…
mostly i would like to know what to carry

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