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25 Responses to “Aye for Scottish Independence”

  • 92LiamO:

    Scotland will always have support from their Celtic brother Ireland.Listen to your heart INDEPENDENCE FOR SCOTLAND

  • glasgow1234:

    *** ATTENTION *** Please search youtube for – The Youtube Scottish Independence Poll – to cast your vote in the biggest and longest online poll for Scottish Independence. Thank You. Glasgow1234

  • danonutube1:

    Alba gu brath !!!!!!!

  • t1t296:

    Long live the Union! Scotland, stay united with England. Together we are stronger!

  • zacoboy1:

    So you hate the English people for something which English and Scottish politicians are both equally guilty of?
    Do you hate me? What have I done? What has the average Joe Bloggs in England done? If you knew anything it was the Scottish crown aka the House of Stuart which united England and Scotland. Historical fact.
    You’re just an ignorant disillusioned racist.
    If Scotland were independent would your life change at all? Would the world change its view on Scotland?

  • ScottishRepublican:

    Check out the videos in my ScottishRepublican, ScottishStandard & ScotlandsMessenger channels.
    Discuss Scotland’s political future and other issues in –
    The For Freedom Forums, for robust political debate, inspired by Scots, open to all.
    Web address FIGH.TK

  • AeroAtlas:

    Why does England want us to stay a part of them if they think we’re just leaching off them and can’t support ourselves. If that was really the case they’d let us sink into the ocean…

  • AeroAtlas:

    @fershi11 The Scots are a mix between Picts and a race of warrior Celts from Ireland (Scoti). I’m a Pict not a Celt, but still Scottish. Catch my drift?

  • ScottishLegendftp:


    The best inventors? They wouldn’t have existed without the British union.

  • ScottishLegendftp:


    Why would you support Rangers/Celtic if you’re a proud Scot? They are Northern Irish clubs with Northern Irish politics who happen to play in Scotland.

  • legandrydirk:

    @ConduitEnding I love the Corries and the lyrics to this song.And the sentiments that we can be friends of English people.What I am kind of pist of here,is about the bit about bigits.And the Rangers and Celtic guys came up on it.As well as having English friends,some of my best mates support Celtic.Who I have known and grown up with for years.Some are on my side politicly SNP.And a lot more are actually Labour supporters.As they see them as the working class party.Point is we are still friends.

  • ConduitEnding:

    @1scot4scotland start by getting rid of boogie woogie, a Freench born, Algerian gobshite! 😀

  • VlaamscheRidder:

    There will be a day I’ll come to Scotland, I hope it’ll be independent that day (if you want it)…
    I love Scotland, don’t really know why, but I like your mucis, culture, language (Gaelic, Scots, Scottish-English) and so on. And I love ‘Scotland the Brave’!

    Greetings from Flanders! [I hope you know it ;)]

  • fershi11:

    English people descend from germanic tribes (anglos and saxons) and scotish, welsh, northern irish and irish people descend from celtic tribes.

  • dantastic15:

    @glasgow1234 I seriously think that perhaps the Scots should run their own country. If the Scottish are set free then England should follow.

  • glasgow1234:

    @dantastic15 I completely support that for you my neighbour ! I’d be so pissed off if i were English at not having a parliament. Hopefully when Scotland does become independent, then that will be the time when English people start to think of their own national identity and then call for an English Parliament, devolved or independent but i believe you will get your wish soon. Good Luck 🙂

  • dantastic15:

    Free England. English parliament now!

  • TheMitchy93:

    I was born in England so I am English, but I also have Scottish family, Scottish grandparents and I love my Scottish heritage. If the Scots want Independence then I say fair play, Scotland should have independance. I personally think England has gone down the shitter, as previous comments have said I don’t mind Immigrants coming to this country as long as they work and contribute, not sponge of tax payers money.
    I love England, I love Scotland.

  • robertslistening:

    The videos on “A history of Scotland” were great eye openers for how the English abused the Scots in times past…but then it also showed how Scottish kings, barrons and even clan leaders abused them.
    Hopefully British parliament isn’t going to come up with some tricky snakeish deals like they have done before. The English are the best of schemers…so watch you back on the way out.
    I am Canadian (with English and Scottish Grandparents). I am for the Scottish here. Some of the best inventors.

  • Alastairbell:

    I wish no harm to any human being,But I,as one going to exercise my freedom of speech.No human being on the face of the earth,No government is going to take from me my right to speak,My right to protest against a act of the union that was before my existence! My existence is now!! And now i protest against that act! Of which i did not agree to! And with my whole being only except my inheritance of my birth right,My country of birth and for her liberty to be restored

  • MrShinigami1996:

    Well im from Latvia, and i dont realy know political situation well in UK ,but i hope it works out well for Scotland

  • Alastairbell:

    Those who want Scotland to run its own affairs, need to put aside differences, and work with common cause to achieve the YES vote. Make no mistake, Westminster will throw every dirty trick in the book, before the vote happens, so we really need a united front for independence in Scotland

  • glasgow1234:

    @DIBBY40 I want Scotland to become an independent country with full powers being handed over to Edinburgh from London. We will be internationally recognised as a sovereign state with our own seat in the UN and EU which we do not have at the moment. And England alreasy is being regionalised and destroyed, thanks not to the EU but to the British Government. That is why i fully support independence for England but most English people don’t seem to care about their country which is a shame.

  • DIBBY40:

    @glasgow1234 Of course you are right that if Scotland gains independence then EU membership is entirely up to the people. I’m pro European and love the distinctive countries of Europe. The EU is the destruction of this national diversity.Actually, Scotland is a distinctive country in the UK and certainly has a large voice via its Parliament. It will certainly be a “region” in a Soviet style EU state. Many English can see its true nature because England will be regionalised and destroyed.

  • glasgow1234:

    @DIBBY40 They want Scotland to be an independent state in the European Union as do most nationalists. We are pro European… We want to have a voice in Europe no matter how small or insignificant that voice is to others because it will be a huge improvement from now. At the moment we are a “region” of the UK with no voice at all. In Scotland we are pro European, but in England they are against it. Another reason why this union should end.

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