My Cousin Robert William (Big Bob) Fraser, of Santa Ana California, Founding Father of the Clan Fraser Association For California, Under Charter By Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 24th MacShimidh, 17th Lord Lovat was a lifelong friend and Kinsman of Lovat, and was given by him an origin al film reel that BBC had planned for a series about Highland Clans, starting with Fraser. the series idea was abandoned, but the first remained on the original film reel, and was later converted to video by bob, which has now been converted to digital format by me. It’s a fine account of Fraser History and a fine account of the true historical record of the WW II war hero of his day, un-paralleled as Chief of Clan Fraser, no matter what the politically self appointed “Chief” in her stolen march has to say today. this is ub-released and previously unseen by anyone, and is only viewed now through the efforts of my dear cousin Big Bob Fraser of Santa Ana and Tustin and Orange, CA, in the the truest interest of his own Clan of Fraser, Kinship with with its Chief, Lovat, and the benefit of all held therein. i send me best to all history lovers, the world over. yours faithfully, brent david fraser

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