I have searched and search.. Names, artists.. looking for something sweet to just walk down the isle to him.. set a magical mood. Fairy and folklore wedding

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  • LadyThunda!!!!:

    Enya has some magical music some with lyrics and some just instrumentals

  • David B:

    No, Not Enya, Please. Now Her family group,which she was part of in her earlier days or even the Chieftains.
    Why not Enya? She does not appeal to everybody, especially not in the wedding genre. Oh, My! “Tempus Vernum” is not a interlude to a wedding procession. Tempus meaning storm, vernum meaning of words, do not fit this, do they??????

  • Emily:

    I don’t know if this quite counts, but I think ABBA’s Arrival is very pretty. It has a Celtic sort of feel to me. I am thinking of using it in my ceremony, but the rest of my music is Baroque, so I don’t know how well it will fit.

    It is a beautiful song, though, and it would be perfect for walking down the aisle.

  • juris doctor:

    i will be here by gary valenciano or the gift by jim brickman. both songs are extremely sweet that it melts my heart everytime i listen to those. may god bless you and your spouse on you wedding. wish you all the best!

    god bless! =)

  • curious:

    Try listening to some Clannad or the Corrs.

  • almarj70:

    Get hold of a copy of the “Celtic Woman ” cd. It’s got a beautiful version of “You Raise me up” among other great Celtic songs that would suti the occasion.


  • winter_spice78:

    China Roses by Enya
    Any of the LOTR soundtracks
    The Corrs have some beautiful instrumentals but they are more upbeat
    Celtic Woman

    Also check out the music section for ideas at http://www.midnightgarden.com/wedding/board which is a medieval theme wedding community.

  • LoriBeth:

    have you listened to loreena mckennitt? she makes a lot of beautiful celtic music. on her album “book of secrets”, the song “dante’s prayer” would be very nice for a wedding, the music is beautiful and the words are very meaningful. hope this helps, good luck!

  • kill_yr_television:

    Go to Google and search “New Age Celtic music” and you will get lots and lots of hits. My favorite such CD is called Celtic Dreams and is mostly harp and flute.

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