Billy Connolly Bites Yer Bum Prt 2.

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  • hereformovies1:

    every time i see a medicine commercial im like ” medicine these days does more damage than it does good ” lol

  • Proterra11:

    Crimplene! Lol.

  • puppetsock:

    Here is hte first paragraphe from wikipedia.

    Crimplene (polyester) is a thick yarn used to make a fabric of the same name. The resulting cloth is heavy, wrinkle-resistant and retains its shape well. Britain’s defunct ICI Fibres Laboratory developed the fibre in the early 1950s and named it after the Crimple Valley in which the company was situated. Crimplene was used in garments that required a permanently pressed look, such as skirts and trousers.

  • TheT33g:

    crimplene is polyester and is used for making wrinkle resistant trousers

  • tkoutdoors1:

    ive watched a lot of billy’s shows and ive learned some scottish terms that ive never heard before but forgive my american ignorance, but what the hell is “crimpling” or whatever when he’s talkin about american pants?

  • kaorutheimpaler:

    hahaha Your list of side effects is too short XD I have seen ones in recent years where the list of side effects are twice as long as the good things the medicine does.

  • stuart owens:

    he a told legeand

  • treytoshable:

    love billy’s critique of the american medical system

  • David Kirkwood:

    Thank you for this.
    Dont know why it doesnt have a billion views.

  • Shebeast3:

    thankies again fur uploadin this its one of ma faves

  • Tracymmo:

    American medical ads are even funnier now. Prescription drugs can be advertised on tv, so you see ads for anti-depressants, erectile dysfunction pills, and everything else under the sun. Best part is that they’re required to list all the possible side effects, so you’ll see a happy allergy sufferer prancing through a field to a voiceover of “side effects may include breathing problems, heart palpitations, rapid pulse, liver damage, partial paralysis or, in rare cases, death.” I’m not kidding!

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