Commentary by several celebrities about the career of Connolly, plus standup from a recent London show

25 Responses to “Billy Connolly – Erect for 30 years (08 of 11)”

  • Zangoose16:

    Ahhhhh love bein´╗┐ a Scottish lad

  • FoodNazi001:

    Lol Love you billy ­čÖé ­čÖé
    I’m a Scottish lass and´╗┐ I use the 18 inch rule haha.
    Keep the fists loose until the moment of impact. lol My uncle was a middle weight champion boxer <3

  • Phoenix1664:

    Fine I’ll be the one to say it…..what in the´╗┐ name of fucking hell is NWO!?

  • Zpik3:

    I like to confront people. “Fight stupidity in all´╗┐ it’s forms” kinda ****.

  • golfingking007:

    Billy Connolly is truly amazing and can truly improvise greater than anyone´╗┐ else.

  • DickVain41:


  • terryarchonship:

    What the hell is´╗┐ wrong with you?

  • cleon24769:

    Epic beard, epic hair. If Jesus were Scottish and in his 60’s…´╗┐

  • screenpuller:

    @VoodooChileJ11… never´╗┐ mind swivel… it feels much better if they undulate gently…

  • arjoj10:

    i did not realise that billy connolly was part of the´╗┐ NWO, how fucking sad

  • TheLegendof2009:

    By far the funniest thing I have heard of his in a long fucken time…I almost pissed myself´╗┐ during this vid it was absolutely fucken HILARIOUS!

  • Cathain78:

    Billy has an amazing natural gift. He is a true bard – a storyteller and a satirist.
    Forgive the pretentiousness, but it’s true. In the old Gaelic society, the poet/bard could depose kings simply by some deftly applied withering comments. This people held eloquence as more powerful than the sword. Billy, whether he knows´╗┐ it or not, is steeped in that ancient tradition. A great storyteller and a great natural.

  • Zpik3:

    If that was´╗┐ your point, why the hell didn’t you say THAT to begin with!? You are covering your ass, mr Swivelman..

  • VoodooChileJ11:

    My point is he is naturally´╗┐ talented at improvising and hilariously at that, that is my point, I’m sticking by it, I am most certainly not wrong and you can sit on it and swivel ­čÖé

  • Zpik3:

    I have more than enough of a life “outside” of the computer, thank you very much. If you didn’t mean what you said, then why say it? Posting that kind of a comment on one of his shows rather than an interview you cannot blame people for misunderstanding you. Which I doubt I did. Personally I think you´╗┐ are just pissed because you made a dumb comment and I corrected you.

  • VoodooChileJ11:

    Oh my god, just´╗┐ **** off will you! He is very good at improvising, listen to him in interviews, he is naturally funny, fuckin’ hell, get a life outside the computer mate!

  • Zpik3:

    Don’t fucking say “improv” if you´╗┐ don’t mean improv! And no he does not have an ability to improvise that far exceeds his peers. He is just very charming and natural in doing it. All these reminders that he has is part of the show, he knows where he is going with MOST of them, he has done them before. He just makes them feel very natural, which is a testimony to his showmanship.

  • VoodooChileJ11:

    Fuckin’ hell man, how literal are you? Of course he´╗┐ has jokes that he’ll repeat, **** we all do, I’m saying that he has a natural ability to improvise that far exceeds that of his comedic peers.

  • Zpik3:

    I doubt that. Since he has a “show” like this one.. Erect for 30 years, and he travels around to several places to do it, he has to be able to some´╗┐ extent guarantee a similar experience. So in that sense I’m pretty damned sure he has some kind of a script with all the main jokes.

  • Deanbass77:

    I have not laughed´╗┐ this hard in nearly a decade, I feckin love Billy.

  • lamarmousse:

    for years -´╗┐ didn’t have a pupil in my fuckin’ eye. LOL

  • ily191:

    ya beards long ´╗┐ **** YOU

  • BillysHilarious:

    That´╗┐ thing with the hat also anoys me ! Last time someone did that I nearly punched the *******! ­čśÇ

  • Batpod05:

    I like a comedian who you can have a drink with and chat with, Billy Connolly is one of those´╗┐ comedians

  • StarskySTARS:

    A merry go round for´╗┐ acid trippers … fuuuck fuuuck fuuuuck

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