Commentary by several celebrities about the career of Connolly, plus standup from a recent London show

23 Responses to “Billy Connolly – Erect for 30 years (10 of 11)”

  • Kim Vlaar:

    i agree

  • graeme gunn:

    nah religion is a lot of shite

  • tupac4life1989:

    oh stop it, if you dont believe in something than say u dont believe in it, hell i dont hear u ppl jumping out of ur frican seat and insulting santa, when millions of parents once a year lie to their children , saying hes coming down the chimmney lol! if u feel guilty, or w/e get overrrr itttt, dont take it out on Jesus, lol bill u crack me up

  • Omega47:

    OMFG when he finally made the sound that Flo did I fell out of my chair into the fetal position trying not to let my bowels empty. Holy **** I have not laughed that hard in ages.

  • Forseliz:

    And what is there to know about religion? Is it a science, does it have a measuring number ? As much as i know it isnt, as it contains no logic and tons upon tons of imagination. So anyone can dump **** or praise religion as much as they want, as there are no bounds in it.

  • MrSpittingcobra:

    i get what u saying but i dont even think related to his childhood directly……he had a hard childhood but his decision to believe or not in god came later, and as his choice is not to then he can use it in his act . freedom of choice..what this country is meant to be about

  • FlopperMax:

    I find his views on religion quite interesting and i dont see how u connected them to his childhood. Sure, he doesn’t present them in the most welcoming of ways to believers, but that’s how he delivers his comedy. Apart from this stand up, i haven’t heard him say “im just kidding, sorry” in any other act. He’s not afraid to say “**** off” and that’s how his audience likes him. I mean sure, i found him to be offensive quite a few times, but nevertheless i laughed.

  • Cathain78:

    Billy is funny until he starts getting torn into religion.
    I understand he had a hard childhood but ….give it a f*cking break, Big Yin.
    Stick to what you know. Stick to being funny.

  • freedomsoldier187:

    I suppose you could say I believe in jesus, but this is comedy and it’s good for a laugh stop this arguing, for fucks sake !

  • Stavros Pashalidis:

    theory…billy started it all to **** with us for a laugh. lol could you fucking imagine? XD the cosmic joke!

  • JordanJ39:

    well it probably was a joke blown out of proportion. and religion is older than 2009 years anyway.

  • DreamsCatcher101:

    See the look to the audience around 5:55, looking to see if that guy he took the piss out of has climbed up to the rafters to drop something on him lol

  • orpingtondood:

    well i dont spose hes saying that seeing Jesus was born 2010 years ago, still i bet he was funny

  • iscay666:

    lol billy on a warm day!!!!! He can be our new messiah!!! lmao

  • NaughtyNormanUT:

    Superb, stayed up till 3am watching this. Thanks for putting it togeather.

  • policemanmem:

    The situation with his frightened sister is so f****** hilarious.. one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.. Billy is a comedy legend..

  • policemanmem:

    The whole thing about his frightened sister is absolutely hilarious… Billy is a comedy legend!!

  • SniperTop:

    I love how he says
    “By god I hope its one of ours”

    His accent is awesome 😀

  • modzilla732k:

    I nearly shat m’self during Flo’s reaction 9:24, still heaving now!
    Funy as ****!

  • OOZ662:

    Damn S.A.S., always interrupting.

  • Earvarian:


  • Rebads:

    so your saying jesus was a comedian, things are starting to make sense to me now, religion is one big joke started by a man with a beard a dress and some sandals…

  • juikm:

    What, Jesus was better? I sodding doubt it!

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