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16 Responses to “Billy Connolly – Route 66 – part 2 -Guitar Collector – Rob Lurvey”

  • Keb mel:

    Now that’s a museum I would pay to see!

  • anitadavideduo:


  • sidneyandherbie:

    you wouldn’t say that if it was art or stamps – and perhaps in a few years when it is in a museum for all to see your grandkids will appreciate it. Look what has happened to the Les Paul collection – gone! forever – ‘sick’ is not appropriate or nice

  • 124slowhand:

    beautiful, but honestly, sick.

  • lucifer73:

    It’s his money, his instruments. He can do what he pleases with them. Who cares what he does with them? It’s not your business anyway. Do what you want with yours too. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

  • heinzdziurowitz:

    Nothing wrong with collecting guitars. I have 50 or so myself and they all get played. I would be critical of the “musicians” that think smashing a guitar on stage is worthwhile. At least this collection is safe and one day there will be a lot of people happy that he took the time to preserve these fine examples, guitars will last a lot longer than mortal humans. When I am gone I hope whoever the new owners of my collection may be that they have the same respect for them.

  • sidneyandherbie:

    just spotted this one crusty – rob isnt sick, hes a great guy and has dedicated himself to preserving and creating a worthy collection, doesnt brag about it just gets on with his own hobby – he isnt stopping anyone playing them – there are millions more in the shops

  • sidneyandherbie:

    hi crusty – perhaps your 3 will turn into 10 because you cannt part with them – an if you did you would always regret it! Rob has just gone a bit overboard! I would have loved to have spent more time and re-strung some of them – full time job. Credit where its due – he has them really well presented. At least you arnt calling him names now – thanks for responding

  • crustycabs:

    As for “preserving for the future”, whose future? He came right out and said he NEVER sells anything, which means the guitars will probably never be used as intended. He also called himself manic-depressive and OCD, so perhaps “weirdo” wasn’t the best choice of words, but the guy is obviously sick, and those of us without the means ito outbid him on Ebay lose out to his “sickness”.

  • crustycabs:

    My guitars (3 of them) are tools, not keepsakes. I use them as intended. Even if I could afford to, I seriously doubt I would amass a collection like that that I would have no hope in hell of ever playing. Hell, a whole bunch of axes in that clip didn’t even have strings on them!
    to be cont….

  • sidneyandherbie:

    hi crustycabs – go easy on him, he does play and at least he is preserving something for the future and please dont call people weirdos unless you know them to be – not nice and whats wrong with stamp collecting! hope you havnt got more than 1 guitar or you are on the slipperly slope

  • sidneyandherbie:

    hi kurt – robb does play guitar and steel – a private kind of fella

  • Kurt9099:

    Billy doesn’t ask the most obvious question. Does this guy play guitar?

  • goss1961:

    And I thought I was bad with 7 guitars.

  • VintageandRare:

    Where is this?

  • colinmeister:

    Thanks for putting this up, really wanted to see this after hearing about it! 🙂

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