Flutes For Sale @ www.millerwicks.co.uk A new improved version of the old crown az. Billy Connolly, Too Old To Die Young Tour, At Belfast Waterfront Hall On 22nd June 2008.

25 Responses to “Billy Connolly, Too Old To Die Young Tour Belfast, Part 2.”

  • jumpupdnbdj:

    Nothing unfounded about the real truth. Nothing unresearched about the real truth. Nothing uneducated about the real truth.

  • keflar5:

    9/11 was an inside job Billy come on mate

  • keflar5:

    @ScotlandMaleGlasgow That was weird, while I was reading your comment I became convinced that I had wrote it myself a while ago, never stop speaking the truth I think people are starting to wake up peace

  • wolfwobat:

    **** bin lauden heez mince fuckin meat and fish bait now lmafon lol know virgin,z for bin lanen. screw him.

  • GAMEmonster9000:

    Billy Connolly and Kevin Bridges are fucking brilliant!

  • JRuffinelli:

    Billy Connolly’s stand-up has jack **** to do with 9/11, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, or the fucking CIA. If all you armchair analysts want to take your “expertise” somewhere relevant, go to a political board and discuss your unfounded, unresearched, and uneducated views.

    Furthermore, as Connolly himself would put it, piss off.

  • asdass1992:

    @ScotlandMaleGlasgow Are you an idiot, the reason Din Laden could do this was: the CIA had trained him to fight off people in the middle east

  • bennyfaethebrig:

    i worked on the Parliament,the day after 9/11 they replaced all the widaes with bomb proof ones at 16k a time!.sent the sniffer dogs in to search for bombs after each floor was finished. Funny thing is? I worked for the contracter! they were a Joinery firm called Mi-Van … from fekkin Derry! Not only that? the main contractor was ‘O’rourke! ffs like we need to watch for planes flying in to the building? rofl

  • fuckoffno:

    rofl since when did the picts beat the roman army? who would want it anyway its all mountainous terrain… if the romans did conquer the land they’d leave so quick

  • ravingscholar:

    The numpty should have read his scottish history. This is the country that beat the fucking Roman army and kicked some serious English arse. One stupid wanker on fire means **** all to a Weegie.

  • Jamreeve5589:

    we’ll set right aboot ya!

  • Medusa0999:

    john smeaton is like the new William Wallace but more epic. Did William Wallace ever beat up anyone on fire? i think not

  • mjwolfman1981:

    I LOVE THIS!! Yeah, send terrorists to Scottland, that was smart. Scottland could whoop Everyone’s Arses

  • KevinPk3r:

    osama bin laden lives in a cave, shits in a bucket why’re we fuckin scared of him?

    oh! he’s got a new name LMAO

  • Jabo007Celt:

    The classic Scottish head butt and shin kick @ 3:30

  • acrobaticaromatic:

    i know for a fact you got better **** to do than pay attention to it. **** it. enjoy your day 🙂 it could be your last you never know. who gives a **** about some dick on youtube who is probably a coward in real life and thats why they carry on like they do. in real life their head would be down their bollocks shrivelled and their tale disappearing up their arse. youtube is the only safe place they can fight back without actually having a fight haha

  • latchie:

    lol scary wary woo!!

  • latchie:

    yes badboymod is a fucking twat, like **** off mate if you hate so much him like, you’ve left dozens of comments on each video all of which are fucking pointless . he’s a legend man.

  • Lorri1703:

    Bringing religious war to Glasgow… sorry, mate, we beat you to it!

    Smeaton wasn’t the hero – he was in the right place at the right time to have a camera stuck in his face (not so good with it now it comes to politics, eh?). My uncle was the arresting officer at the scene and apparently that eejit just got in the way…. and now he’s some sort of celebrity. I will probably get negative ratings of this comment but I believe the truth should be stated about this complete and utter fool.

  • MrSy82:

    where you live then, i’ll come down and **** your ass in front of your kids

  • badboymod:

    Yeah ok keyboard tough guy i would smash your fucking face in you hagis eating twat

  • MrSy82:

    come on up to scotland you fuckin prick and we’ll see who’ll die soon

  • badboymod:

    Never heard so much **** in all my life.

  • badboymod:

    I hope this scot **** dies very soon!!

  • Ryan Bonner:

    I know what you mean!

    Its the way he mixes tragedy humour, I think..!

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