This clip takes my breath away to how many Guitars this man has in his house! A great programme called Route 66 where comedian Billy Connolly rides around the USA On his motor bike and meets some interesting people and places like this man who can’t stop collecting Guitars! He has so many!! And his home is a secret location and you can to see why! This is also a great and interesting series and also amusing with Billy Connolly. Enjoy!

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  • mandoalbee:

    This kind of obsessive collecting is very irritating to me as a professional musician who can’t afford high priced “vintage” instruments. Until guys like this came along and made them scarce, they were called used or “old” and didn’t cost exorbitant prices. They are NOT sculptures to be admired in museum. They should be played by musicians for the reason they were built – TO PLAY MUSIC ! DAMMIT. I heard recently that lap steels are scarce, not I know why. THIS GUY HAS THEM ALL!!!

  • whitbyjet65:

    Does anyone know what make of trike he’s riding?

  • marieseymour555:

    Is there some way to get soundtrack of hwy 66 show?…and more!..such great music! Love it and love the boyfriend. And I watch and laugh all the time!!

  • xXGreyWolf:

    Not sure about guitars but probably. I know he plays the banjo

  • helloalec1:

    I look forward to seeing the whole show………….Thanks Billy

  • NZWoody11:

    Does he play any?

  • Hugo Stiegl:

    and my wife whinges because i have 5 guitars??

  • L2RT:

    Je roule sur un Boom Trike Family. Bonjour de France !! 🙂

    I also run on boom trike. Beautiful video.

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