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  • PTRtheDriver:

    Eero Saarinen, a great finnish hero, we satute you. I wish I get to see the Arch someday.

  • daleinen:

    This would be even better if he would leave his pseudo-humanitarian politics out of it!

  • zakcoff10:

    wat is the song at start called

  • Kimbalion floogle:

    thank you for uploading these episodes. I think traveling Route 66 is on my bucket list. :)

  • KelanDWood:

    Thanks for uploading

  • Marcel Cee:

    Love Connolly and the States

  • gix xer:

    awesome trip, i did route66 2 years ago……………… ill try find episode3 to upload

  • Jim bob:

    Thanks for uploading these vids so that others can enjoy. Just back from 66 road trip. Chicago and the St Louis Gateway Arch were awesome. As was Lincoln home and mausoleum at Springfield. But then when you get out west, well that is just something else. Meteor Crater, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest are right next to the route and are just incredible, the 300 mile detour to Monument Valley is compulsory – take my word for it, and the Grand Canyon south rim is spectacular! Unforgettable…

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