A beautiful scottish countryside, perfect weather conditions and the BMW R 1200 RT – what a combination ! What do you do in your spare time?

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  • Ramiiam:

    Just took delivery of my 2010 R1200RT. Now if someone will please build a highway across the Atlantic!

  • hampstead1951:

    I’m taking delivery of my new R 1200 RT next week and will be touring the Scottish highlands in late August. I’m looking forward to it and this video has increased my anticipation. The RT is a great bike whether you’re on the motorway or the twisties and my wife says it’s the most comfortable bike she’s been on.

  • jorge3024:


  • macthemec:

    this video makes me want to go to Scotland again, but this time with a BMW

  • Siikosys:

    @applemacist – The S1000RR has 190bHp and weighs 450lbs wet. How’s that for lightweight superbike!!!

  • Siikosys:

    @Magna4940 Magna4940 – WELL SAID!!!! I’m a BMW lover, but I’m never choosey about my riding partners. Magna4940, I’ll ride with you!

  • Siikosys:

    bamboostinger – You are an A to B rider; you only ride to get somewhere. The BMW sport-touring class is the PERFECT motorcycle for countryside riding – Power and performance of a sport, but comfortable like a large touring. I rode from Sacramento to Indiana via US50. What a trip!

  • bamboostinger:

    When I ride that big bike, I ride alone and on the freeway.

    The bike and the countryside don’t match, stupid.

  • miiiiiiilo:

    @lbocvarov89 totally agree !

  • miiiiiiilo:

    @lbocvarov89 totally agree !

  • AndresABS1983:

    Does the music of one who is?

  • JATR1X:

    video with some soul)

  • lbocvarov89:

    BMW should hang the director of this video on a tree! The tour around Norway was so much better than this one, this one is amateurish, i’m very dissapointed. But i’m still wishing to buy a R1200 RT :))

  • Kingjeekong:

    Okay, so i had to watch two couples on a BMW bike or watch nature. Is confusing but is gay.

  • DammitDrag:

    BMW….. when you’re gay and know it.

  • sazunike:

    Does anybody know the name of the songs or the composer of the music on the video?..


  • Wolf27021:

    Днепр епти!!!
    и глушак тож с лева беее

  • dahveed284:

    Great little movie. Makes me want to go to Scottland! Guess I’ll have to settle for a wee dram of some liquid Scottland at home.

  • xavs100:

    Just google BMW S100RR

  • Gilsp02:

    Muito Bom….
    Magníficas paisagens, e claro a moto ideal para o traçado!

  • Magna4940:

    It really dosn’t matter what type of bike youve got, it’s what you do with it that counts. I know too many people with expensive machines that just don’t use them.
    Getting out and about is what it’s all about, meeting people, seeing new places and generally enjoying the pleasure of motorcycling.
    So forget just talking about BMW’s ….. get on it and go !!!
    (Yamaha XJR 1300 owner)

  • apexxxx10:

    What would life be without YouTUBE?

    Dr Carsanook!
    carsanook (dot com)

  • guymwright36:

    bmw make a sports bike s 1000 rr. More power than the current crop of jap clones, with more innovations advanced traction control, sports abs it has moved things on with sports bikes. This vid is pants compared to the old one……bmw r 1200 rt norway…..anyway test riding new rt 6th feb launch date.

  • stigger91:

    BMW makes some awesome bikes, but I’d rather stick to their cars 😉
    I ride bikes all the time, just not motorbikes.

  • texasoperastar:

    BMW – The Ultimate Joy Ride.

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