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25 Responses to “(Bodhran) Groovy Reel Rhythm Day 4 Part 2 Bodhran Challenge”

  • edgewise100:

    I also have that trouble with the stick. Especially when I’m going fast, it just tends to drag. Is there a way to hold´╗┐ your hand so that you are less likely to drag, or is it just one of those things that you work on and get better with practice? ­čÖé

  • ScottLass27:

    thankyou so much for these lessons! Next month it’s´╗┐ my birthday and i’m having an irish band play at a pub in worthing (where i live), and with the help of your lessons i should be able to bring my bohran and play along with the band!

  • Denise Paynter:

    Bought a Bodhran after watching your videos and other players for a while and really enjoying. Have been playing it every day for the last week, feeling it in my arm but really enjoying, thanks so´╗┐ much. Denise

  • sniffmediff:

    After spendin the last week at the all Ireland fleadh in Cavan and found these videos tonight.. I’m buyin´╗┐ one of these and learning to play. Great videos and I hope it’s as easy as it looks ­čÖé

  • AnnLittlefield1:

    Hello thank you so much for the time you have given me with this leasons. I just recieved my drum yesterday and I can really get going now. I was using a piece of plywood but it was not so effective. I got a16 inch Remo Baha Bass drum from the Guiter Center and UPS delivered it yesterday. I am so excited. I have been practicing all morning but I have to get to work, LOL.
    This drum is very lively and I can really play better now.´╗┐ Your new follower, Drum on and prosper! Ann

  • tmnsaa:

    Hello Michelle,
    I got a Bodhran for christmas. I love it. Thank you for your lessons. I am a beginner and am following your videos without any issues. I have played many jigs and reels on my whistle, but the percussion has always´╗┐ intrigued me. This is so much fun and challenging as well. Looking forward to learning more! Its kind of addicting.

  • TheDeedeefa:

    hi Michelle

    the video lessons are really amazing. i got my first bodrahn a week ago and am hooked. i have a problem though with the cross bar at the back as i find i have a sore spot on the back of my arm after practice. do you have any advice on´╗┐ this. kind regards

  • Kevin Hall:

    Funny´╗┐ you’d mention the drum hanging on the wall, I was given one a few years ago, and it’s sat up there all this time… Decided to learn it, blew off the dust and I love it… This drum has been waiting patiently to sing.

  • WitchyPJ:

    Wow, I love this one, mine sounds like nothing on earth, but I know if I keep at it then maybe it will actually sound like a bodhran rather than a three year old with a big drum! I took a few days break and when I ame back it sort of works better. I’m really struggling moving my hand around inside, I feel like i’m going to drop it,´╗┐ and I’ve got a lovely bruise on my arm where I grip it!! Any advice on this???!!?

  • WitchyPJ:

    I’m reall enjoying following your videos. My husband bought me a bodhran for my birthday which is July, so I can get to learn how to play it first. Its´╗┐ been amazing watching this and learning. The only problem I have at the moment is working out how to sit. I find it a bit of a balancing act, especially when I’m trying to move my hand around inside to change the tone. My bodhran is just a cheap one, and is very large (non adjustable). Have you got any tips on using a bigger one!!

  • bahbcat:

    Your videos do help. But I just can’t speed´╗┐ up without dragging the tip. It just ends up being scratches on the skin, especially on up stroke. It seems there is something I’m not doing with my wrist, but the blurs of all the videos I’ve seen hide it. Or I just end up playing triples.

  • yinstylebagua2007:

    Hi, I first learned to play from a world champion friend of mine, Sean Morton. Your videos have inspired me to explore my drum and play more often than just´╗┐ St.Patrick’s Day!

  • BodhranMasterclass:

    You are so welcome. We all have to start somewhere so keep up the practice. It´╗┐ only gets more fun too. I always like to hear back from students when the ‘addiction’ really sets in. It’s usually when things start to click and you realze you actually CAN play this wonderful instrument. Then you’re really hooked. Try out all my other videos too as you might find jigs easier than reels or vice versa.Keep me posted on your progress and thank you for the lovely post.
    ~ Michelle

  • alice3913:

    Hi Michelle,
    I am really enjoying your videos which I discovered a few days ago. I intend to keep practicing and get better over time. I love the finess you play with, especially by moving the hand and placing the tipper. I could not understand how Bodhran players get so many different sounds but you are doing a great job at explaining how it’s done. Thank´╗┐ you so much!

  • julieh28:

    Hi Michelle. Just rediscovered you. I bought a beautiful bodhran, made from hoop pine & kangaroo hide last year and love playing it. In Australia it is´╗┐ our long summer break so I finally have time to learn some new rhythms. Thanks for your great videos. Very helpful & easy to follow. Julie in Wandiligong, Vic, Australia

  • dbaerg:

    You do a VERY good job of concisely explaining rhythms to students who may not really understand standard notation! Great´╗┐ ideas!

  • sassthedrummer:

    Really Great! but I have a question. When i move my left hand i get a scraping sound, abit´╗┐ like brushes on a snare. Is this because of the texture of the skin? is this normal? or is there some way of avoiding it.

  • skybirdfarmer:

    This has been so very helpful! Thanks for doing´╗┐ this!

  • ssiddons:

    This is the toughest and most fun´╗┐ Day yet – phew! I need to work on this Day for a couple of days.. hahaha! Thanks.

  • Arvel Bird:

    In one of your videos, you mention your´╗┐ snakewood tipper. Is Snakewood relative to the style of tipper or just the wood itself?

  • leewsb:

    Thank you so much for´╗┐ this video. I haven’t been able to get past the 80bpm on this one but I’m practicing! Thanks again.

  • Daithi Nolan:

    Ive been playing years ive picked up some´╗┐ bad habbets so im retraining myself useing your vids there very good keep up the good teaching Michelle ,
    Daithi x

  • bernieheaney:

    THAAAAANNNK YOU Michelle…i just bought my first bodhran and i’m´╗┐ addicted to your lessons. I love the bodhran…i have hope…xxx

  • Icekler:

    I really liked how you demonstrated that playing fast is not actually playing´╗┐ unless you actually hear the rhythm. I don’t have a bodhran but your videos are really making me want to get one.

  • mdmccarty9:

    Michelle, you are the BEST. I noticed the djembe in the background of this video. So when are you going to start your djembe series?!´╗┐ I’m interested in exploring how to use drums like the bodhran and djembe in non-traditional ways as well as exploring the traditional/cultural rhythms.

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