Key Notes: Monuments like Stonehenge are found all over the globe, and can be dated back to a period beyond 4000 years. Many books and mainstream archaeologi…

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  • baychecks100:

    move 80 tons like the mega blocks in Egypt

  • akira sean:

    I also wasn’t saying that YOU thought it was aliens or anti gravity woo etc.
    They are the usual alternate arguments is all. The whole “Egyptians didn;t build the pyramids” debate was started by these idiots, and is carried on by them relentlessly to this day, making idiotic claims like “we couldn’t build them with the tech. we have today” and “we can’t lift blocks that heavy today” etc.

  • akira sean:

    “You have shown me some interesting concepts however it’s all on paper and computer simulation.”
    Well there’s a video I cannot find of scientists and engineers dragging huge blocks (they thought it wouldn’t work, but it worked very well) across wooden planks.
    Also, I’m arguing against the sill argument from incredulity, so all I have to do is show ways it is possible… not exactly how they did it. Parsimony does the rest.

    And you are confusing visual representation with simulation.

  • akira sean:

    You said “proven that the Sphinx is around 12-k years old ”
    Well I’d like to see the evidence that ‘proves’ this please, because the overwhelming consensus is that it’s as old as the pyramids.

  • Pynaegan:

    I posted my reason here.


    Why do you keep suggesting I’m talking about aliens and magno-grav machines? Have I said “anything” about aliens or anit-grav devices in “any” of my previous posts?

    You have shown me some interesting concepts however it’s all on paper and computer simulation.

    Computer simulation = cartoon. Anything can happen in a cartoon.

    (Bugs Bunny-101)

    It’s why I like to see it in real life.

  • akira sean:

    “What I disagree with is “when and who” built them”

  • akira sean:

    Vitruvius in De architectura (written in around 15 BC) described a similar method for moving irregular weights. It is still not known whether the Egyptians used this method but the experiments indicate it could have worked using stones of this size. Egyptologists generally accept this for the 2.5 ton blocks mostly used but do not agree over the methods used for the 15+ ton and several 70 to 80 ton blocks.

    There are EXTENSIVE records of the Romans doing just that! Diagrams and all.

  • akira sean:

    “Dr R H G Parry has suggested a method for rolling the stones, using a cradle-like machine that had been excavated in various new kingdom temples. Four of those objects could be fitted around a block so it could be rolled easily. Experiments done by the Obayashi Corporation, with concrete blocks 0.8 m square by 1.6 m long and weighing 2.5 tons, showed how 18 men could drag the block over a 1-in-4 incline ramp, at a rate of 18 meters per minute. Vitruvius in De architectura”

  • akira sean:

    “I still haven’t seen anything that convinces me that a team of lumberjacks can build a pyramid without their modern equipment.”
    Who made such a claim? And with a thousand of them, or ten thousand… it would be a cinch!
    Using methods I’ve demonstrated.
    If ten men can drag a several ton rock across the desert across planks of wood, 100 could drag one weighing tens of tons. It stands to reason!

  • akira sean:

    It’s the law of parsimony. It’s VERY important in science to look for the answer that has the least amount of variables and uncertanties.
    For instance, if I claim that I can shoot lasers out of my eyes, is it more parsimonious to take my claims as read, or to think that I am either lying or mistaken?

    Which answer has the most certainties and which the most uncertainties?

  • Pynaegan:


    I looked up “Occam’s razor. Parsimony!” and all I got were a bunch of 1-10 minute lectures by collage kids and professors giving me an idea of what Occam’s razor “is”.

    I still haven’t seen anything that convinces me that a team of lumberjacks can build a pyramid without their modern equipment.

  • Pynaegan:

    There, was that so hard? You made my point for me. The Giza Plateau IS more ideal.
    By the way, I support J.P.Houdin’s theory. What I disagree with is “when and who” built them.

    And at what time did I say anything was impossible? All I disagree with here are some methods. Wally may have a piece of the puzzle but he doesn’t have all the answers.

    You should be carful with your Occam’s razor. It’s a double edged sword.

  • akira sean:

    Oh, and I think you will see that lumberjacks move HUGE logs, weighing as much as these stones, all the time.
    Using simple techniques.
    All it takes is a little thought and you can move anything, without recourse to ET and anti-gravity bullshit (from a society that had no electricity, not metals other than copper, pretty much no technology of the modern ind at all)!

    Again, Occam’s razor. Parsimony!

  • akira sean:

    Another cool theory –

    I mean, it’s certainly plausible.
    A LOT more parsimonious than “aliens did it” or “they had anti gravity devices… when the only metal they had was copper”!

    Occam’s razor.

  • akira sean:

    As a side note, this is a pretty cool video. It’s not how they did it, but pretty cool nonetheless –

  • akira sean:

    “Do it.
    Move a 30, no make it a 20 ton block of stone ten miles with the methods used here”
    How about no. I’ve better things to do with my time, but how about YOU try it, with the help of a hundred men, let alone a thousand.
    Never underestimate the ingenuity of human beings.

  • akira sean:

    It’s even more absurd when you know that for instance, there are much more recent building that contain huge stones built by the Romans, and the techniques they used were well documented at the time (they were very good administrators and documented pretty much everything from Augustus onward, and a LOT before).
    When Herodotus speaks of the construction of the pyramids (and Diodorus Siculus) he was speaking in a time when they did similar constructions using normal techniques!

  • akira sean:

    No, the Giza plateau was MORE ideal!

    Why do you persist with this argument from incredulity? If he can easily move such large stones, why do you believe it impossible for a thousand men to move larger ones?
    What do you suggest, that the pyramids were built by aliens, or silly anti-gravity devices?

  • Pynaegan:

    I have moved a building “all by me onesies” (as Cpt. Jack Sparrow would say) with logs and a “come-a-long” (ratchet-wench) what ever you call it.

    Not as big as his barn but not half bad a job for an idiot such as myself.

    I’m sorry, a barn just ain’t a 25 ton block.

    And he ain’t on the Giza plateau.

    Giza has a whole set of “different” problems, rock dragging aside.

    Please post the title for the Giza documentary that you speak of.

  • Pynaegan:

    Obviously not a problem.

    Do it.

    Move a 30, no make it a 20 ton block of stone ten miles with the methods used here.

    Make a believer out of me.

    I’m not “completely” hard headed, as I think they solved how they moved the Moai on Easter island. But they at least “showed” how it was done and did it. (scaled down but convincing enough)

  • akira sean:

    That barn weighed a LOT!
    So why don;t you think that it can be scaled at all?! That’s just the argument from incredulity.
    Someone shows you how easy it is and you daren’t admit that you were wrong all these years. Be a man. Learn to admit when you are wrong in light of new evidence.
    This is ONE man ALONE, imagine what a thousand could achieve, or ten thousand!!

  • akira sean:

    Well you saw at the beginning that he already has… and you saw how easy it is to raise them in the first place, so all you need is two standing stones and then do the same in-between only perpendicular (from above like a cross shape). Raise it using the exact same method to the height you need and then twist it round…. voila, it lays between the pair.

  • akira sean:

    He didn’t move the barn on a flat paved surface. He did that across grass! All he did was use wood.
    Watch the video again.
    The Giza plateau was leveled flat, and some of it paved anyway, so the Egyptians could quite easily have done it this way.
    More likely they just dragged them across boards though, there’s a documentary where no one thought it would work at all, and it worked surprisingly well!

  • akira sean:

    No they’re not from across the world. Most are local, and some from Wales at most.

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