Carroll College Concert Choir performs Loch Lomond arr. by Johnathan Quick on Spring Break tour in Texas and New Mexico Soloist: Ryan McEldowny.

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  • stacykoopmann:

    You know music is good when it lasts hundreds of years. Music today is lucky to last half a year. Come on humanity obviously this is the better music.

  • animefreak3900:

    our chamber choir did this a couple years back, it sounds so damn cool

  • SuperShootter:

    ehh Ive heard better I mean With a song like this you have to put accent into it

  • xX2Trumpet2Xx:

    I love this song. were playing a band version of this but our student teacher used this to represent how we need the play the song like were singing it. 

  • xxxnightsky14:

    this is the arrangement my school used but it was faster

  • NeonlightRebel:

    I live in Germany and the local football club uses this melody as its anthem! 😉

  • lorack75:

    Just came across this by chance. I have to say… excellent choir! A group of really good quality voices! Well balanced and very good unity of sound. Would love to hear this group do some opera choruses.

  • npisvaj:

    The 3 dislikers need to “Dai Dai!”

  • Walshblazer47:

    The most wonderful folk song of all time

  • hillaryb1104:

    This just gives me chills 🙂
    Can’t wait to go to Scotland in May!!

  • jck1794:

    the “dai dai” part is way too slow :/

  • SingToMySoul:

    The soloist is great! The song is very well done… the only thing I have against it is that they are holding the music in front of them. I have always had a problem with that, because the singers can get caught up in reading their music and they don’t pay attention to the director. Not to mention it takes away all face expression. You guys did well despite that 🙂

  • 1carrigdhoubh:

    Very Good Choir but listen to two great tenor voices on Youtube Pfizerpfonics Choir Cork

  • npisvaj:

    i MIIISSSS THIS SONNG!!!!! I sang the exact same version in my choir last year!!!!!! I’D DO ANYTHING TO PERFORM IT AGAIN!! :):):):):)!!!!

  • Matthew Delbrugge:

    The dia part is the greatest. I can’t stop singing along with it ever since my choir has been singing it, it just great.

  • ssgvegasboi22:

    So did I. SATB TENOR.

  • TropicalMJ:

    I sang this recently with the 2011 South Carolina SATB All-State chorus! I loved it so much! it was probably my favorite song we sang! Aside from the ending piece when the director did an anchor (I’ll never forget that)!

  • TheStoneandtree:

    This choir has incredible blending, very nice job!

  • layniezell:

    @newgirlintown8 ummmm he doesn’t ever actually leave the key although he does get a little bit sharp.

  • mammerrick:

    He’s really not pitchy at all. It could be a wonky recording, but he’s centered on his pitch and in the correct key.

  • mammerrick:

    beautifully performed by choir and soloist alike. Overall, an excellent rendition.

  • CaptAmberly:

    Definitely not being selfish or boastful or anything but, my choir is a high school choir and we were pretty amazing. The Dawson County Chamber Singers. Georgia.

  • Patrick Pfohl:

    this is really messy

  • bbrondyke1:

    this rendition takes the second section at very close to exactly the recommended tempo of 94. i timed it out at 100. however, i prefer the u of m glee club recording which goes closer to 80. can’t argue because 94 is written in the music, but listen to one of their recordings of it on utube and see if you don’t agree. it seems to have MORE drive at a slower tempo.

  • bslow22:

    Noobs get to sing with sheet music.

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