I know this is an odd question, but as a college English instructor in Southern CA who was born and raised in the US by American-born parents, I’ve grown extremely tired with the lack of opportunities and part-time rip offs here and thus want to go to the UK, where I consistently see good opportunities in my field. I WOULD apply for some of the jobs I see offered there, but I don’t want to waste my time applying if I legally can’t do so.

For what it’s worth, (which is probably nothing), in addition to perfect native English, I can speak a fair amount of Welsh; I’m very knowledgeable on the history of Britain, and I can trace my ancestors back to both England and Wales. I would like to think that would make me somewhat ideal for a candidate…but I digress. I’d appreciate any help.

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  • ibu guru:

    Do you have your PhD? Do you qualify for an employment visa in UK if you were able to get an appointment to a UK university? Do not apply for anything unless you know you are fully qualified for an employment visa (e.g. visiting professor, visiting scholar, full professorship, etc). Also see if you qualify for any sort of teacher exchange program – there are a number of them for teachers at various levels.

    Millions of Americans are looking for work overseas for the same reasons. However, UK unemployment is high and that might not be your best bet. Also, there is a special expatriate tax! Do not restrict your search to one country – unless, of course, you just could not get yourself to experience life elsewhere.

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