I found a bottle of yukon jack on my basement. This bottle of whisky is 20+ years old, and had been opened is 1/5 full. The whisky itself is yellow. I’ve never seen anything but a dark brown colored whisky. But this is very yellow it looks like urine but it smells very strongly of alcohol. I’ts 100 proof alcohol. Is it ok to drink? Will it make me sick from somthing other than the normal alcohol related things?

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  • candan1023:

    The bacteria and fungi have had 20yrs to grow in there!
    The alcohol could be dangerously strong, to the point of being fatal since the fermentation process continuously progresses.

  • Andrew D:

    Its yellow snow that you need to avoid lol

  • Buff stuff:

    I don’t know but cause its open its best not to drink it. if it was closed i think it would be fine!!!

  • Mr TEL:

    I don’t think any germs could survive in spirit that strong.
    But do yourself a favour and pour it down the sink.
    Doesn’t sound like there’s much left anyway!

  • willhurst2001:

    Give it a try my son! You’ve only got your sanity to lose. lol

  • Renee L:

    Bacteria and fungi are not going to grow in a bottle of alcohol, the color change is probably due to years of oxidation, it shouldn’t make you sick but if you are wary, it might be best to chuck it out.
    Oh, and whisky is distilled, not fermented…

  • double secret agent:

    yukon jack is always yellow in color.trust the agent.dranks lots on the golf course.and it should still be fine.drink up.

  • ☆ ★☆ nicole's Manga Dance☆★☆:

    not a good idea per the first guy

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