I am part of that clan, and I think they would look attractive wearing that particular tartan (the old or new tartan). Must they only wear a certain one or can they branch out a bit?

3 Responses to “Can Queen Elizabeth and clan throw on any Scottish tartan they like, say the Dunbar tartan, if they so choose?”

  • Sir Ichiban:

    As the big Chief of ALL the glans, I think she is able to choose which particular one she feels best suits her on that particular day.

  • Fiq Faysee:

    No. They can only wear the Fartin’ Tartan.

  • capitalgentleman:

    Sure, but, it wouldn’t be correct.

    The Lord Lyon has stated that you can wear any tartan you choose, but, that you should dignify the tartan you choose to wear. The idea of clan tartans is actually fairly recent in fact.

    So, while she could, she is far more likely to wear her own.

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