I’m traveling Ireland with a couple buddies and one of em wants to go visit all the castles, go hiking, and some other out door stuff. But my concern is can you really do much outdoors if the weather is not in your favor? What scenic places can you see in November when the weather’s crap? What can are some touristy things we can do?

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  • Like a Fox:

    If bad weather stopped us we’d never go anywhere.

  • PaoloPH:

    Do your research ahead of time: learn about what there is to see and do in each area…an ‘indoor list’ and an outdoor list. That way, if the weather is good, you already have a list of things to do. If it’s bad, you’ve already figured out what you can do inside. The weather can be changeable. It might be nice in the morning…allowing you to go for a hike, but rainy in the afternoon, when you can visit that interesting castle.

    And, bring clothing/shoes/gear that will allow you to be reasonably comfortable outside.

  • Irish cutie!!:

    No we don’t get much severe weather here in Ireland like snow even though we did get alot in January but that was a rare thing! So I wouldn’t worry cause its unlikely you won’t be able to travel due to the weather!

  • Jay:

    The weather issue in Ireland is overrated. It’s not that bad. In November, it is quite warm (10°C) compared to many other northern places. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between July and January, it’s the same year-round, only a few degrees difference. The rain (if it rains) is rarely heavy rain, so you can usually go on about your business without it affecting you. In fact, most Irish do not use a raincoat or umbrella during ‘light rain’ episodes, which is the most frequent.

    What is a problem is that the day is quite short in November, you’ll have about 8 hours of sunlight. It’s not a good idea to hike in the dark. So the fact that the days are so short will limit the length and enjoyment of your hikes, though we have gone hiking in winter and love it (no long hikes, though).

    There are numerous hiking trails in Ireland, and the best part of it is that they are generally deserted, so you won’t feel overcrowded unless you hate sheep. I don’t recall ever not going hiking because the weather was bad. If you have decent waterproof boots and a waterproof windcutter, you’ll be just fine.

    Regarding castles, they’re usually of the bunch-of-rocks-with-an-Irish-flag variety. The term is used quite liberally. Most of them are completely overrated and you’ll regret having made a detour, though there are some exceptions.

    As to what to do in bad weather, it really hugely depends on where you will be. In cities there are always museums (of variable quality, but many, including the best of them, are completely free). However, I wouldn’t let a little rain get in the way of having a good holiday. 🙂

  • slipstreamer:

    Yes you can; most do.

    Weather is weather. People have obviously survived.

    Rain is nothing to be frightened of.

  • James:

    It depends if you are an indoor sort of person – then don’t go to Ireland in winter to hike. If you don’t mind getting wet and cold and like pubs then it would be ok – but not otherwise.

    Remember the usual way to tell the difference between winter and summer in Ireland is to measure the temperature of the rain

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