A very “catchy” Gaelic song from this legendary series.

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  • moviemad56:

    The lyrics express the tragedy of the destruction of the Gaelic language by the English: check out the website celtic lyrics corner.

  • Breitheamhnaig:

    @glamereena so do I.

  • AtlanticCross1:

    @Ringsafe 1, Also very well said.

    Beautiful voice Karen, keep singing.

  • Karlderron:

    0:14 🙂 

  • tdbsnr:

    Please tell me, what is this ‘legendary Series’? Want to know more!!

  • ralphyboy25:

    @ringsafe1  Very well said sir.

  • ringsafe1:

    When Scot or Irish or Welsh do sing a melody in their own tongue the birds of heaven take note.

  • DonegalRaymie201:

    True, but in which direction? You do know that Donegal is Dun na nGall? Fort of the Foreigners???
    I suspect our county is the Irish home of the Highlanders, the Gallowglass & all that they brought (back?) here!
    A Donegal “Highland” tune, is in fact a “Strathspey” I’m told!

  • chrysopoeia321:

    @elvisrule I prefer Gealic since I am not distracted by the meaning of the song then.

  • camposi:

    Caren – I love you since the90s when I discovered Caperceillie!!!

  • 19clown69:

    @IwishmynamewasEzio Well, but is´s one of the most beautiful languages I know!

  • 327409427:

    Beautiful voice. Beautiful music. Enough said.

  • changolini:

    my grandpa would understand scotts gael since he know irish gael and from mexico since his mom is from southern ireland as his frist language and second the tribe huichol and third spanish

  • IwishmynamewasEzio:

    I love gaelic and can even speak it a little, but it’s a ***** to learn to spell lol

  • billyhunchback:

    @weeabi1 An Honourary Irish Woman.Sheer Class.


    The gaels are still here – I live Karens voice and just they way that she does it – very hard to beat – Gerry - Dublin

  • jakesprake:

    There’s a Donegal influence there

  • chrisbreizh29:

    amzing voice type “karantez vro” by veronique autret

  • billyhunchback:

    ireland.Scotland,Wales,Isle of Man,Cornish,and Bretons.6 Natrions are we all Gaelic and Feree.

  • gimmespam9:

    First verse:

    It wasn’t the snow of frost from the north
    It wasn’t the cold snap from the east
    It wasn’t the rain or gale from the west
    But the disease which has blanched from the south
    The blossom, foliage, stem and roots
    Of the language of my race and people.

    I love it.

  • weeabi1:

    as Runrig describe it .. tis the tongue of angels 🙂

  • changolini:

    @poloniumandrats ive heard manx before

  • poloniumandrats:

    @changolini Currently, 6. These are:
    Breton (Brezhoneg)
    Welsh (Cymraeg)
    Irish (Gaelge)
    Scottish (Gaidhlig)
    Manx (Gaelg)
    Cornish (Kernewek)

    In the past they were much more widespread, ranging all across northwest europe, now they are limited to the fringes of britain, ireland and france.

    However, the celtic languages mainland europe were wiped out. Breton is a descendant of a british language, now spoken in brittany, in northwest france

  • dagnab1:

    @hoppyhayes VERY VERY TRUE we as celtic people bless you we have had many lies about our tribes being in europe and being genocided. they started with the cilipine gatali , then the helveti’s and the gauls next, till they killed most and ran our few living in to the isles with the other tribes .The way they where easy to hide it was like america with veit nam and a few other conflicts, IT was called a police action and a war was NEVER declaired aginst the celtic people , a hidden intent

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