I’m an avid fan of Celtic music, although I seldom ever (whether in this genre or others) follow an artist or group fanatically – usually I only like one or two songs by them. I’ve listened to some more ambient Celtic stuff but recently have taken an interest in more lively Celtic rock. So can anybody suggest me some particularly noteworthy songs/bands that work in this genre?

To be pickier still, I’m not particularly big on the heavy metal, nor the delicate harp/lullaby esque stuff. I like pieces that are lively, remeniscent of the folk of Scotland and Ireland. Although I classify it as “Celtic rock”, I am particularly fond of pianos and strings. Something with a nice strong rhythm, meditative, but very folklike without being too fairytale-esque. At the same time, nothing too heavy.

I’m rambling at this point. I know no two songs are alike, but I’m basically looking for some songs as described above. An example of a pseudo-Celtic rock song I’ve been quite fond of lately is, well, “Celtic Rock” by Donovan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQaSMgqgH1o

I’m not too big on the sound distortions, but this is basically the kind of hardiness I want in a Celtic song.
Nice suggestions thus far, although I’d still like to find a group that is a bit less dense with the instruments while still having a nice rhythm. Ideas?

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