There are many Castles located around England and if you have never visited Carlisle Castle in England before then let me tell you it is a magnificent place with 900 years of history. Carlisle is the vast fortress city situated at the western edge of the border to Scotland in the county of Cumbria, because it is less than twelve miles away from the border the castle is a reminder to those who live nearby that centuries of strife occurred in the area. During its lifetime the castle has seen many wars.

The castle was originally built by William the second of England in who was the son of the famous William the Conqueror. William the Conqueror got his title when he invaded England in 1066. In 1092 King William raised the building to the ground as it was only a roman fort made of timber, and then in the following century it was rebuilt again but this time out of stone. The castle overlooks the river Eden and was built to keep the Scottish from invading England; it has many magnificent rooms and is very impressive to look around.

Over the next 700 years or so the castle swapped hands between the British and the Scottish as they both fought over the land. Mary the Queen of Scots was actually imprisoned in the castle for a few months during the year 1568. During the year 1745 the castle was fortified even more by the Jacobites who were rising up against King George the 2nd. After this conflict was over the castle was no longer used for wars as Scotland and England merged into Great Britian.

Today the castle is maintained and looked after by the English Heritage and tourists can look around it any day of the week, it is also used to home the museum of the royal border regiment.

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