An inspirational song written by Irish songwriter Dawn Kenny. Lyrics below! Buy this track Lyrics: January comes, the cold wind blows The days grow longer I feel like I can push last year away Its over and done Maybe now Ive learned from my mistakes I know that I feel stronger these days In the fullness of time In the changes of mind In the turning of the pages Ill be okay I know that Ill survive January changes the faces and times It passes through And I can be the same you know Ill re-arrange the colours and the lines And even when I think about the future I know what I shouldnt do, my love CHORUS January watches through a window as I stare into the snow Everything is clean and clear but its ruined by the sunshine You didnt care enough to help me Now Ill make it on my own Ill stumble through the dark days CHORUS Just as there are days to be high, there are days to be low CHORUS

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