Celtic Crossroads www.celticcrossroads.ie iTunes. Recorded live at the Black Box Theatre, Galway, Ireland, Traditional Irish Music, Irish Dance.

25 Responses to “Celtic Crossroads – Ned of the Hill”

  • sassy12696:

    I’m supposed to be´╗┐ working on a project about oliver cromwell, but this has put me under a spell ­čśÇ

  • connollyite:

    @rf8365 Studied this tune and the basic sotry of it once for a folk music project. Eamonn Ryan (Ned) was an earl deposed during the time of the williamite wars (if memory serves me correctly) who allegedly became a rapparee. The folklore around him goes that he hid out in the mountains and continued fighting as a bandit, robin hood sort of stuff, good stuff. The song dates from the later 18th century, 1770s i think and I know was originally not sung in´╗┐ English.

  • rf8365:

    Does anyone know the history of this song?´╗┐ I’d like to hear it if you do…. Thanks

  • Victoria Carney:

    she is´╗┐ my cousin !

  • grannyoh:

    Beautiful! Thank you.´╗┐ )

  • breffnipark:

    this´╗┐ is lovely !!

  • celticcrossroads:

    Thanks! This track is available´╗┐ on the ‘Live at the Blackbox’ album. You can get it through iTunes!

  • caringdude:

    My god, that was beautiful, Im in New Zealand, have always loved celtic music and was spellbound by this, why is it Irish´╗┐ woman are so beautiful in voice and most often in thier looks, I could listen to that voice for hours! if you dont have a CD out, then there in lies the tragedy, please do,

  • cullybog87:

    Come with me now Marianne´╗┐

  • Victoria Carney:

    this´╗┐ is my cousin Marianne Knight x so proud of you !!

  • MrIloveireland:

    She’s´╗┐ my English teacher :L


    I think you sing it way better! If you bring out a´╗┐ CD I would be the first to buy it!

  • phatcontrolla:

    one of the best singers to´╗┐ come out of ireland .beautiful .a credit to mayo

  • cullybog87:

    wow she sings like a traveler, honest,´╗┐ pure and fing awsome

  • Jwbagz21:

    I just saw them in Roanoke,´╗┐ VA last night and they were awesome but Marianne isn’t with them anymore ­čÖü

  • Enaguiss:

    la amo…amo su voz, este grupo es excelente, espero en verdad verlos algun´╗┐ dia en vivo !!!

  • weeniamhy0811:

    This girl is amazing… i sing´╗┐ this song myself, but wouldn’t put a patch on this version!

  • cullybog87:

    Maireann, great singing… I little over produced but it does not hide your raw talent. You have that honest traveller woman sound which isauthentic and should not be tampered with….stay true to´╗┐ yourself girl

  • lominac:

    oops, make that Feb 25th. An amazing rendition of cotton-eyed Joe is in the offing mixed in with their Irish music.´╗┐

  • lominac:

    Just saw them at the Martin Theater in Panama City, FL. (Feb 24) The You tube videos are great but they don’t do them justice live. Even by gulf coast´╗┐ standards, these musicians are awesome.

  • chesapeakeDiver:

    Do you still have tickets?´╗┐ I would love to go

  • ConfusedRobotStudios:

    Went to a Flogging Molly concert tonight at the NorVa in Norfolk. They gave me two free tickets to see´╗┐ this Celtic Crossroads show Tuesday night, but I work. Anyone want them?

  • jayc5413:

    Beautiful´╗┐ ­čśë

  • mcraig2006:

    Ah, I love this song….so lyrical´╗┐ and her voice ….is a dream, ­čÖé

  • xXNumba8Xx:

    She’s such an amazing singer (:
    I saw her live at´╗┐ Tomaseen Foley’s A Celtic Christmas and she did awesome in everything she did; singing, dancing, playing instruments.

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