The best football fans in the world , celtic Music by – charlie and the bhoys – Celtic song and Gerry and the pacemakers youlle never walk alone

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  • TheExStig:

    uefa investigation into the greatest fans for sectarian chanting LOL


    @tuftster1 because we want to be first in line to shag your mother

  • McDevittHD:

    @tuftster1 Go home ya hun

  • lutino1:

    Come join us in the “Celtic FC Supporters” private league code 191503-60215 @ Barclays Fantasy Premier League, we need the bhoys.. (great prize by the way).

  • lars7son:

    @celticfanbhoy88 was there that day … was special even though we lost

  • Lupus2008:

    We are the best and nothing will change that because the Rankers will just get worse, Hail Hail!!

  • jay67glasgow:

    why would a rangers fan even be looking at this video?


  • celticfanbhoy88:

    @tuftster1 I’m not sayin we are the best fans in the world bt we are up there defoz but i no this for a fact that we are better fans than rangers. Look at league decider back in may, we lost the league and done the huddle round the whole stadium and rangers won the league and still cause trouble. That isnt fans. I’m glad im a fan of this brilliant club and not a fan of the scum. Hail Hail..!!!

  • LFCiaran1307:

    @bennyfaethebrig actually , half of liverpool is irish people and the kop sing were not english we are scouse..its only the odd loyalist scouser you see , and most of us liverpool fans hate rangers and love celtic

  • 1967GlasgowCeltic:

    @tuftster1 We constantly moan at ae manager? Hawd on a minute ya thick ****. You bunch are ae wan’s who boo yer team off the park and more than 50% want rid a Sally McCoist. So, get it roon yae ya horrible ugly *******.

    Aye a might as well mention us bein’ the best fans in the world. UEFA awarded us as the best fans in the world and all, because we don’t riot when we lose… like Rangers dae.

  • smonty2008:

    @tuftster1 if u a rangers fan u were the same with paul le g. but thing have changed lenny all the way **** mobray how u supposed 2 get a motivational speach from a tit like him

  • bravaboruc1:

    lets be honest celtic are the best support mahn have a look at the last game of the sesson mahn 50,000 fans do the huddel when the dark side win the leauge the most noiseest stadium in scotland that day was parkhead mahn celtic = great and real fans

  • ScottDee07:

    @bennyfaethebrig Thats as far from the truth as possible. How can you call Celtic, Scotlands shame ? YNWA is a song of unity and defiance in the face of adversity . I couldnt care less if loyalists in england sing it , its a celtic song and tradition . Hail Hail

  • bennyfaethebrig:

    @ScottDee07 we have taken over the mantle of Scotland’s shame! It hurts me to hear Celtic fans singing you’ll never walk alone. it’s a disgracefull song that only Huns in Liverpool should sing. Go to Liverpool on the twelth, all ye’ll see is orange marches and liverpool scarves!

  • cheeseytom007:


  • Telfer81:

    @stephenjamesfitz your mams a junkie slag with a ginger fanny and your dads a child abuser, you fitzy are a product of rape.

  • stephenjamesfitz:

    @Telfer81 your’e ma’s a cow & ur da’s a typical prod

  • TirEoghainTim:

    excellent video. great club, great history, great songs, great fans. soccer fans of ireland stop supportin man untd and liverpool, this is our club hail hail

  • TirEoghainTim:

    @Floody2010 the east tyrone brigade already done it in 96 lol

  • KingLarsson7:

    @tuftster1 who u support?

  • craig94150:

    celtic win becuase of our support so guys let’s get the atmosphere flying so HAIL HAIL

  • bazzaremcm:


    **** off ye fucking scummy inbred piece of ****!! Post on the huns vids ye scum!! Irish supporting hoops all the way!!!

  • bazzaremcm:


    Sorry man thought you were rangers. Im so fucking embarrassed. Well you know who it is directed at mate.

  • bazzaremcm:


    Post on yer scummy rangers videos ye fucking huns!! HOOPS!!

  • richieepotvb:

    i seen 19 assholes missed the ulike button

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