My vocal performance of the Jacobite version of the Scottish folk song Auld Lang Syne to lyrics by Robert Burns.

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  • moshohet:

    Lang nay your lum reek !

  • shtdafkkup:

    @jtzoref they’re under the common charter of the “United Kingdom”, not under “English rule” any more.. for all practical purposes, they are independent… that’s all i know 🙂

  • arunesh3301:

    Scotland is as beautiful as this sweet melody!~!

  • arunesh3301:

    Scotland is as beautiful as this sweet melody!~!

  • NorthLimitation:

    Oh just one more thing: this isn’t really celtic, it’s quite typical of American folk. It features a few notes outwith the typical celtic scales, the instrumentation is not typical of celtic culture to name but a few parts of this song which are not celtic.

  • NorthLimitation:

    Sorry? How to you explain the SNP being in power? I think you’ll find that a lot of the next generation support independence, it’s the young voters coming in which are increasing SNP support – we know that we can do it on our own. I have nothing against the English, let me assure you of that, but I think Scotland can go it alone now. We will have to take our oil with us, however, but we will of course take our share of the national debt which Gordon Brown has just accumulated for us.

  • greenjeans64:

    Happy New Year Friends!

  • jtzoref:

    When I lived in England (Oxford), the Scots voted against devolution, it turns out that they do not want independence. The days of Culloden are apparently over.

  • celtics189:

    Beautiful country beautiful video cant wait till they get there independence!

  • jtzoref:

    Thank you very much. I lived in Edinburgh for a few months, as a university visitor. Fell in love with Scotland. Tried even to learn Gaelic.

  • MrJackGrayson:

    Bravo! I have never heard this version of the song but it was great to listen to it. I also loved the beautiful images of Scotland…5 stars for this fantastic video.


  • Errachttoo:

    Thank you jtzoref. I really like this version of the song over the other – which is the only one I have ever heard. Your pictures are lovely and so is your voice.:)

  • shabeccaly:

    I think the pictures in this video are outstanding!

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