Compilation: 1 Joannie Madden – Down by the Sally gardens 2 Bill Douglas – Sweet rain 3 The Taliesin Orchestra – The memory of trees Insulting comments (mostly made to other viewers) will be removed My only goal is to enjoy music

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    im feel in peace…beatifuls songs…..

  • AzvidMedia:

    Thank you for your care and consideration. May these problems be solved in justice. I am a huge fan of irish folk music as it sound very similar to Azeri music from some regions. It feels warm and comforting.

  • kennyjohn1000:

    An Irish man and proud patriot, I pray to God that your people and country will finally have peace. God bless you

  • Maccabiful:

    Has anyone noticed that the last song is very familiar to ”Lugia Song”??

  • vonStalhein2:

    Ah…Ireland,the Emerald Isle 😀

  • MateusDambroz:

    this music gave my peace

  • AzvidMedia:

    Wonderful music belonging to a wonderful nation. You could really feel that ethnic ties through these songs and I find them very effective. Greetings from Azerbaijan!

  • KleinSmarties:

    I love it, but the last song is not the memory of tears.. it is Athair ar Neamh

    I’m sorry if I grouse

  • xxxindierockerxxx:

    In just having a hard time in my life I think is time to take a deciion

  • CursedLuna:

    @grugrnw i dont think enough people understand this track pumps me out Yeah and you can use this to get the mp3 of this song >>>

  • omigoshddness:

    Anyone else crack up when they saw the Murphy’s bottle with the peaceful beautiful music?

  • omigoshddness:

    The comments on this page are so much nicer than the other Irish/Celtic folk song pages I’ve been to.Here everyone is complimenting each other and the music and it’s just so much friendlier. I think it’s the music influencing folks…lol.

  • brandonimada:

    You say that while you sit here and watch YouTube videos lol

  • Kelticgirl1:

    Thank you, I totally agree!

  • Di0guardi:


  • BJVIP21:

    Irish people have the best traditional music of the world.

  • Necrojax:

    If we could all just go and live in a fantasy world (with good health care & medicine) everything would be so much more beautiful.

  • angel de poder:

    The melody and instrument that opens the first song sounds so similar to the melody of Celine Dion’s signature song lol

  • Psychobabas:

    with plagues and famine? No thanks ;pp

  • sweetycamy:

    Lol I was thinking about him too.You’ve spoken my mind.

  • dewy200884:

    i’d love the same… 🙂

  • avaN4G4:

    and if u would be there u wish to live in the 21. century

  • sora908:

    Ive been doing so much research about my past and im like 1/8 Irish and for the past few months been doing a lot of searching on my self and I want to move to Ireland to find me. But of course you either have to live there for 5 years without a job or a Mom/Dad who lived in Ireland and moved to America

  • ArbeitIstFurNichts:

    And be burned because of sorcery 😀
    But, yes. these old times have something what this time doesn’t have, what a pity.
    For example : Today’s fights ? – Guns and no honour.
    Where are the fights of Will Wallace and of big brave men ?
    I’m crying for today’s world. **** American music, **** everything if we don’t have pride, honour and if we’re not brave.

  • 17Watman:

    700-1300 would be for me.

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