A unique wedding ceremony with a Celtic/Renaissance/esoteric theme. Developed from historical research and elements of the tarot; the wedding ceremony includes the cup (water), sword (air), staff (fire), rings(earth), handfasting and bell ringing. Complete wedding ceremony available on DVD. View other portions of the 25 minute ceremony at epiphanyvideoprod channel. For information on the photography, videography, costuming or script, contact: EpiphanyVideoProductions@yahoo.com


  • saintben2008:

    This is really nice. I just realized that it would have been fitting for the groom to receive the sword from his Father.

  • skanemermaid:

    Popple wedding!

  • TasteOfTorment:

    this gives me some idea for my future wedding :p

  • mcmillenjamie:

    I simply love the “fairies”! Too cute. Congrats, guys.

  • michelle1576:

    @sarahcox1987 I was a lot of work but a lot of fun. We asked for no gifts but instead we required that all attendees HAD to be in period attire. Many people complained initially, but afterward everyone raved about how much fun it was. The Maiden of the Woods didn’t want to change out of her costume afterwards. She loved getting dressed up like that.

  • epiphanyvideoprod:

    @LadyAuroraRose1983 : this is a shortened version of the complete ceremony. Both bride and groom repeated the same vows in the ceremony

  • LadyAuroraRose1983:

    Over all the wedding was beautiful but one problem appeared to me. The groom only made one set of vows while the bride seemed like she was forced to do the rest.
    Where is the balance and equality in that.

  • Ghostbead:

    The Tarot, many think, comes from the Celtic Christian mass. They were used, specifically in Northumberland for playing at a shower where the bride and friends and family wove the wedding blanket.

  • SiN3mOn:

    the ring fairy is adorable

  • deonnamalbroughkgh:

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  • davidBail:

    Very beautiful! What is the name of the song when the video start?

  • sarahcox1987:

    This is amazing! I wish I had been at this wedding!

  • geenadeena:

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  • yettie4e:

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  • lonnieax:

    “Ring Faerie…?
    That is so adorable….:)
    My best wishes to the Bride & Groom; “Blessed Be

  • bites4love:

    I loved this wedding and hope one day i could have one just like it. Blessed be. And thank you for sharing.

  • epiphanyvideoprod:

    @sorcress18 Riverview Park in Corona/Norco California. It is called Koroneburg while the Reniassance Fair is being held.

  • sorcress18:

    Where is this done?

  • jessicasshishou:

    i was plannin on trying to do a celtic wedding like this one ur weddin is so beautiful and unique

  • stardustlia:

    This was so beautiful and traditionally magic!! I hope you both are so happy<3 the fairies were soo darn cute and the maiden of woods looking like the goddess!

  • epiphanyvideoprod:

    @CjAz91 : this ceremony was completely scripted in advance including the camera positions and microphone placement. We did it ourselves because we knew it would be difficult if not cost prohibitive to get 4 video cameras with multi-camera video editing. It was worth the effort in the end.

  • CjAz91:

    I am so shelling out for a good videographer now! Thanks so much for posting the ring girl is soooooo cute!

  • sadlobster1:

    This is a very beautiful wedding you noth had. I love the Medieval/Rennaisance and I dream of having a wedding with that theme one day when I get married. One thing I would do; instead of playing Here Comes The Bride, I would play the song Kyrie Eleison (the version from the old movie Excalibur) play as my bride and I walk down the isle

  • davidzouche:

    wow this is so beautiful 🙂

  • ArielannaDragonBlood:

    I really love how the wind is making the wings flap, like they’re flapping on their own. Absolutely beautiful wedding 🙂

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