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  • zoyuxi:

    I love how her voice has that childlike, youthful sound. It’s quite soothing. On shows like American Idol, the emphasis seems to be on big, powerhouse voices with a lot of melisma. Not that that’s a bad thing, but those can tire your ears after a while. Sometimes it’s nicer to listen to something that has a simpler kind of beauty.

  • Mckalmelid:

    YEa plz tell me who the drummer is he is awesome he does so much work here and the christman album but never heard him b mentioned once. ofc the choir and orchestra need a pat on the back to. ( this dosen’t mean i love the girl no less they are gr8 )

  • ChunkyChocolates:


  • kvitekristus:

    lovely chloe <3 anyone who knows who the drummer is?

  • seaworldprincess768:

    i mean sings like an angel 🙂

  • seaworldprincess768:

    sind like an angel 🙂

  • kasperkirke:

    @kifferd aka The snowman 😉

  • HatzigeorgiadouMaria:

    υπεροχο ! το κομμάτι με γαληνεύει απίστευτα! σε συνδυασμο με την αγγελικη μορφη της Κλοέ…με ταξιδεύει !

  • Miwi79MD:

    Tarja sings better

  • ShinobiSasukeUchiha:

    @8ofclovers I agree

  • Micanchepe:

    @8ofclovers Nightwish version is better in my view 🙂

  • LexNeedsBatteries:

    goose bumps, every SINGLE time.

  • fasterthanilook:

    @Celtic7Rose Tin whistle, pennywhistle and Irish whistle are the same thing. This sounds like a simple brass whistle (Generation or other similar brand). It’s got a nice metallic “chiff” to it. The tune being played at that point is “The Last Rose of Summer”.

  • ninamermaid:

    Beautiful song! And Chloe sings it sooooooo well!!!

  • MayContainJellO:

    Oh hush. I was joking. If I wanted to sound really “uneducated” I’d say. “OMGSH LURLZ HER CLOTH3Z R SEW UGGGLEH.” So, If I must, let me rephrase my comment.

    I really find her choice of clothing unflattering to her body type. She’s so beautiful, but I think it’d be best if she wore a dress more suitable to the song, and to her shape. That’s only my opinion though. I’m very sorry if I offended anybody.

  • Celtic7Rose:

    what kind of whistle (pennywhistle,tin) is used in the beginning?

  • Acutula:

    9 people thought dislike meant “dis i like”.

  • rjascott:


    “Dat?” Really? Uneducated much?

  • MayContainJellO:

    Dat outfit…

  • NeophyteHooliganer:


    That is because it was actually made for that Cartoon, The Snowman. Not sure if you already knew though 🙂

    However it frustrates me a little that such a beautiful piece is not credited as much to it’s original creator, but rather more to bands such as Nightwish who cover it (even though Nightwish does present it nicely). Not that the performance is in anyway bad, but still.

  • waterlilyqueen:

    @kifferd If you’re talking about The Snowman, that’s where I first heard it too.

  • irishcajun85:

    I heard them live the day before Valentine’s day in Tupelo, MS…they were FANTASTIC!!! It’s a small arena there, and we were pretty close…I found out I was gonna get to go THE. DAY. OF. THE. CONCERT. And I freaked out, because I’m a huge fan 🙂 We were sitting next to a couple that had been married 60 years, and this was her Valentine’s Day present. We would chat in between performances, and I don’t think he ever realized my accompanying friend wasn’t my boyfriend, he’s my gay bestie…

  • kifferd:

    Thumbs up if you heard this song for the first time while watching the christmas cartoon its from 8)

  • Melunija:

    hearing this song feels like walking in the air…

  • BitterlySw33tCandy:

    I absolutely adore her voice!!!!!!!!!!! :’) it’s soo beautiful, makes me want to cry <3

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