Purchase Info and Tour Dates: www.celticwoman.com Celtic Woman 2005 Song: Danny Boy Singers: Méav Ní Mhaolchatha

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  • thechloehoiyeefung:

    her face and mouths too much and in too weirdly

  • tsuhoMS:


  • Davidthemusician129:

    Meav is so good she fills me with joy that last note was impecably controlled. Amazing. She sings Danny Boy the best. Well the choir is awesome too this is the best arrangement.

  • SuperMikehawk123:

    I’m cleaning out my pipes now” and they are CALLINGGGGGGGGGG……….FHGDC FVMGFTDYSMUNEABWSVRMTEIVWARteyr Oh sorry just whiping jizz of my keyboard..

  • 1sorryham:

    They sing live at their live performances: period! As for tickets, yea, tickets for live events do tend to be expensive, but in many cases (and some venues) the Celtic Woman concerts can be less than concerts of quite a number of major name live performers. I paid about $70 for my orchestra-level ticket to their next concert (the only time I paid more than $100 was for one of their special symphony Christmas concerts).

  • THSChoir:

    I should have said they don’t sing EVERYTHING live. I have never been to a concert but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. Tickets are expensive. Don’t be such a pompous ass.

  • 1sorryham:

    Sorry, but you just don’t know what you are talking about. Celtic Woman does sing live, which you would know had you bothered to go to one of their concerts and sit in the front few rows.

  • MsSage01:

    reminds me so much of my dad-a good old Irishman who is no longer with us<3--just beautiful!

  • BennyJohnMan:


  • louisvillepixie:

    Beautiful sung in any way.

  • whatever12345678901:

    I’m proud to be named Danny!

  • kentish001:

    oh shut up!!

  • 1951jmc:

    beautiful thats all i can say 

  • vballf:

    There are many great versions of this classic. Maev’s is very good, but my favorites are Hayley Westenra, and Deana Durbin—yea Deana Durbin.

  • PV1230:

    Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, she is not with Celtic Woman anymore.

  • Mandywerewolfgirl:

    So Beautiful

  • THSChoir:

    They don’t sing anything live…kind of disappointing.

  • Openframer:

    I am not the one who emailed you, so l was not aware that you received an email. Or were you assuming I was psychic? Wow… you really have to have a problem with this don’t you? For your information, many songs throughout the years have been set to other tunes. It does not make it “stolen”. I do not think it’s a “crime”. I just think it’s a good excuse for people like you to complain about something.

  • EllenRebecca3:

    Who’s the main singer? I need to find more by specifically her, not just ‘Celtic Woman’.

  • agora1955:

    Excuse me but I thought I already replied to this mail that I
    am aware of this.Or perhaps it was lost.But of course it was stolen from
    the ” Londonderry Air” Absolutely, and still we have to ask ourselves if it
    was good to do that in that we keep the music alive or if it is a crime ? I dont know
    what do you think ?

  • Openframer:

    Actually, “Danny Boy” was written in 1910 – before “You Raise Me Up”, so it’s more accurate to say “You Raise Me Up” was stolen from “Danny Boy”. Originally both were set to the Irish tune “Londonderry Air”.

  • agora1955:

    Sounds exactly the same as ” You raise me up” from what it was stolen. !!

  • puertoricanb0i14:

    i wonder if shes singing with a track because i do not see the choirs mic’s.

  • Sanctuaryofstars:

    I was mesmerized the whole song. But at 1:26 the sound made by the chorus and Maev made me burst into tears. I hear a lament of death and loss, breaks my heart.

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