Sorry for bad video quality =P Live from Powerscourt House & Gardens. This song isn’t featured on CD nor DVD. Singer: Lynn Hilary (featuring Màiréad Nesbitt) Song: Carolina Rua

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  • amangonecrazy:

    she damn hot..

  • sanjuro66:

    There has to be an HD or HQ version of this video somewhere?

  • eienism:

    The same goes for Alex’s performance of You’ll be in my Heart because when I got my copy of the DVD from Sam’s Goody I noticed it was missing so I searched throughout the other DVD’s of celtic woman if it had and come to find out NO not one of them had this song or You’ll be in my Heart

  • isisco60:

    i disagree with your assesment.I’ve heard the version by imelda and not taking anything away from her, i like lynns version better. different styles doesn’t make them bad it just makes them more individualistic.

  • Merlenzio:

    This was a promotional video for SFTH on Amazon.

  • Merlenzio:

    Ever heard about “interpretation” and “arrangement”? :)

  • vishrats:

    i wanted to know the same thing mainly because i was wondering how to get a copy of it myself possibly a DVD quality one.

  • vishrats:

    ha ha ha!!! I know!! I got to know of the ladies last year around this time actually..i haven’t stopped listening since!

  • SopranoChick22:

    This is offically my new addiction 🙂 I am in love w/this song ,# It is so much fun!!

  • eienism:

    so if it wasn’t placed on DVD or on the PBS special…how did you get the video??

  • mimiller8:

    and she is shockingly beautiful, and I love her voice. 😛

  • mimiller8:

    Yeah, this is my favorite of Lynn. She was in the group when we saw her. :D Wish she comes back!! But I understand if she doesn’t. When they tour the US they don’t see home for 6 months. That has to be hard. 🙁

  • Mornardo:

    Classically trained musicians who turn their hands to traditional or folk styles rarely do a good job, and this is a case in point. It’s like a sticky cake – all sugar and no real substance. They should put more energy into the song rather than into prancing about – the violin player seems to be on a real trip! The version by Imelda May with the Chieftains knocks this into a cocked hat – she paces it well, with a swing that drives the song along. These girls just don’t have it.

  • TheGroovyHoney:

    I wish they would include this song in one of their future CDs! It’s so lovely!

  • Jordan Hubbard:

    I wanna sing a duet with her if i ever become famous, I think our voices would blend well.

  • mrgear100:

     A stunningly beautiful woman.

  • Merlenzio:

    Nice 🙂 I didn’t think of Lisa Lambe singing this (actually she was blonde before joining CW) but I would LOVE Lynn singing Black Is The Colour. Of all the girls, she is the most versatile IMHO and that song is truly perfect for her voice.

  • Taylor Quinn:

    Someone said Lynn Hilary should’ve sung “Black is the Color,” the song about a man in love with a woman with black hair, and Lisa Lambe should’ve sung “Carolina Rua,” the song about a man in love with a redheaded woman, because Lisa Lambe actually has the red hair, and Lynn Hilary has the black hair, even though they sang it the opposite way. To which I say, “They’re just singing the songs to each other.”

  • mimiller8:

    ahhhhh that Lynn Hilary. This one is the best I ever saw of her. ^^ Wish she was still in the group. Fantastic voice and gorgeous. 😛

  • Thiện Vương Đặng Đức:

    you’re welcomed

  • wildcrzyangel:

    Oh Cool! I did not know that Rua meant that. thanks for telling me.

  • Thiện Vương Đặng Đức:

    no, her name is Carolina, rua means “red-haired”! at least that’s what I’ve been told

  • wildcrzyangel:

    the song is about a girl named Carolina Rua and how this man is infatuated by the girl. no other woman appeals to him except her and he is willing to difficult paths for her.
    the song is from a male perspective, even though the singer is female.

    [this is what i think the song is about; others may not agree]

  • bderflinger:

    @SparkFlea I agree with both you and @vishrats and @lm3741 – her leading to Non C’è Piú is unbelievable and it has become one of my all-time favorite songs. But it’s hard to find on YouTube. I even have it as my main ring tone.

  • kelceejofarra:

    Um, excuse me? I know English, thank you very much.

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